Life in a Disaster Area: Day 107

Still mostly offline and off the grid. No access to my own computer or work stuff. Typing this via phone, from a mountaintop cabin that has been temporarily evacuated, because a winter of destructive weather and a spring of more destructive weather have left it in ruins, and ruins are no place to raise a six-year old boy. Writing is at a standstill because there are things more important and because it is hard to write when your computer is in storage. I am taking advantage of this time to work on manuscript reviews, but nothing else. Still checking in on Twitter a few times a day, and here’s something about rape I was moved to write a few days ago (which will be turned into a much longer Blog entry when I return). In the meantime, enjoy this picture of me and Carlton Mellick III, taken last November.


4AM – On Sale Now – UPDATE: Sold Out

This brand-new chapbook from Brian Keene examines the darkest hour before the dawn with four terrifying tales. In “Something Pretty” a man grants his true love’s request, while simultaneously finding a way to cope with a world grown increasingly insane. Then, in “Keepsakes”, a young boy learns what is most valuable and coveted in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Third is “Fetish”, in which the victim of a broken relationship finds himself haunted by a very different kind of ghost. And finally, “In the Closet”, a prelude to Keene’s forthcoming Labyrinth series, finds the multiverse’s last surviving version of Tony Genova struggling to stay alive — only to learn that his death is just the beginning of the biggest adventure of all.

Featuring story notes by the author detailing the genesis of these previously unpublished or ultra-rare tales, and illustrations by Alex McVey, 4AM is a must have.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE – $12 – Limited to 150 copies

4AM — it’s always darkest just before dawn…

(NOTE: Brian Keene Lifetime Subscribers WILL receive this chapbook with their next shipment).

UPDATE: 4AM is now sold out. If you missed your chance, check with booksellers such as Camelot Books, Bad Moon Books, etc (each of them got a few copies).

Labyrinth – Outlook Grim

Outlook Grim, featuring Doug Dobbs on vocals, Bob Snodgrass on guitar, Joey Scarpino on bass, and David Lay on drums, were formed in late 2011. Their debut album, GRIM REQUIEM, comes out April 14th. Here is a track from it, called “Labyrinth”. The band says: “Lyrically, Doug wrote about the mythology of horror writer Brian Keene (Anthrax never shied away from writing about Stephen King, and we likewise support our influences). It’s a brooding track that set the tone for other songs. Plus, this is the first tune we wrote together, so it has some sentimental value. Whatever you do… Don’t open your eyes in the Labyrinth!” Please show your support by Following the band on Facebook and pumping your fist to “Labyrinth” (below).

The Labyrinth saga starts at 4AM…

THIS IS AN ACTIVATION OF THE EARLY WARNING SYSTEM. 4AM is a new limited edition softcover chapbook, written by Brian Keene, illustrated by Alex McVey, and published by Thunderstorm Books. It costs $12. It contains the following stories: “Something Pretty”, “Keepsakes”, “Fetish” and “In the Closet (A Prelude to The Labyrinth)”. It goes on sale 4/12/14. (Note: Lifetime subscribers will receive a copy with their next shipment).

New Newsletter?

So, while I’m in the midst of doing all of this, I had to update some settings in my WhoSay account. I like WhoSay because it allows folks like myself to retain copyright of things we post on social media (rather than them being owned by Twitter, Facebook, etc.), monetizes those postings (a few news organizations used some of my flood pics a few years back — thanks to WhoSay, they had to pay for that, rather than simply grabbing the pics from the web), and speeds things up (if I want, I can post to all of my social media outlets simultaneously via WhoSay). One thing I didn’t realize WhoSay would let me do (until this morning) is an email newsletter. Continue reading

Enjoy the Silence

Expect mostly radio silence around here for the next few weeks. I have to finish writing INVISIBLE MONSTERS and THE LOST LEVEL, finish manuscript reviews (which are admittedly kicking my ass), do preliminary work on a TV channel development offer, write a few short things under my new pseudonym (yeah, you didn’t know that was going on), work out a programming schedule for Scares That Care Weekend, hopefully finish the post-production on FAST ZOMBIES SUCK, travel to Portland and receive my Grand Master Award, be a father, be a boyfriend, be a friend, and at some point sleep.

As always, Twitter will be running in the background, so you can reach me there. And there will probably be a few announcements (a surprise chapbook by me from Thunderstorm Books called 4AM, for example). But mostly, just the sounds of me typing.

World Horror 2014 Grand Master Award

I’ve been sitting on this news for a few weeks, but now that it’s been made public, I’m very happy to announce that I’ve been selected to receive the 2014 World Horror Grand Master Award.

We’re lucky enough to work in a genre with a LOT of awards — the Bram Stoker award, Shirley Jackson award, British Fantasy award, Chainsaw award, the Rondos, and many others. In my mind, the two highest honors a horror author could ever hope to achieve are a Stoker LAA and the WHC Grand Master. When I was informed I’d been selected for the latter, I began laughing and crying at the same time. Then, there were a tense five minutes where I thought I was going to have a second heart attack. Once that passed, I shared the news with a small handful of people I love. Then, hours later, I convinced myself that this was all some practical joke. And though several weeks have passed, I’m still half-expecting Christopher Golden or Kelli Owen to jump out from behind a curtain and shout, “Ha! Got you again!”

The previous Grand Master Award winners are (in order) Robert Bloch, Stephen King, Richard Matheson, Anne Rice, Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, Brian Lumley, Ramsey Campbell, Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Charles L. Grant, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Jack Williamson, F. Paul Wilson, Ray Garton, Joe R. Lansdale, Robert McCammon, Tanith Lee, James Herbert, Jack Ketchum, T. E. D. Klein, and Dan Simmons. The impact every one of those writers had on me cannot be stressed enough. I was a fan of this genre long before I ever began making my living from it, and every one of those previous winners inspired or entertained me at some point in my life. That I am lucky enough to call several of them friend or mentor has always been a blessing and a dream, even after all these years. That I am somehow now considered worthy enough to accept this honor alongside them is, quite simply, astounding.

I’ll have much more to say about this honor during my acceptance speech. And if you’d like to come hear the speech, and celebrate with me, I’d be ecstatic. It will take place at WHC 2014 in Portland, Oregon next month. Click here for details. (And yes, I will sign your books and we will drink many whiskeys or coffees or waters together).