Fast Zombies Suck

FAST ZOMBIES SUCK, a short film based on my short story of the same name, premieres this month at the 2nd Annual SCARES THAT CARE WEEKEND in Williamsburg, VA.

The first showing is Thursday night, July 23, as part of the conventions ‘An Evening With Brian Keene’ event for early arrivals. It will be immediately followed by a live Q&A with myself and others involved with the film, which will be recorded live for my podcast. If you’re in the audience, you’ll have the opportunity to be on the podcast, as well. We’ll start out by talking about the film, but (as you know if you’ve listened to any of these episodes) we’ll end up talking about whatever you want to discuss.

The second showing of the film will be Friday night, July 24, as part of the convention’s film festival.

SCARES THAT CARE is a 501C charity. All proceeds will go directly to those in need. For complete details, click here.

Nick Cutter Has Lost His Damn Mind

Nick Cutter (aka Patrick Lestewka aka Craig Davidson) is one of my favorite modern authors. He is also bugfuck crazy, as evidenced by a video he posted last night, in which he urges me, Stephen King, JK Rowling, Rio Youers, and others to immolate ourselves for his new book, THE ACOLYTE. Sort of the like the Ice Bucket Challenge, but with fire.

I know the thought of me setting myself on fire will please some of you, so…challenge accepted. Click below for the details.


Extreme horror meets extreme sword & sorcery!

My new novel KING OF THE BASTARDS (co-written with Steven Shrewsbury) is now available for pre-order. Paperback and digital release date is July 21st.

King of the Bastards is wild adventure across seas, beaches, and mountains full of horrifying monstrosities, dark magic, and demonic entities.

Rogan has been many things in his life as an adventurer — a barbarian, a thief, a buccaneer, a rogue, a lover, a reaver, and most recently, a king. Now, this prehistoric bane of wizards and tyrants finds himself without a kingdom, lost in a terrifying new world, and fighting for his life against pirates, zombies, and the demonic entity known as Meeble. And even if he defeats his foes, Rogan must still find a way to return home, regain his throne, save his loved ones, and remind everyone why he’s the KING OF THE BASTARDS.

CLICK HERE to pre-order the paperback and receive FREE domestic shipping and a 40% discount code for any order from the publisher.


If you saw last week’s update, then you know that LIBRA NIGRUM SCIENTIA SECRETA by myself and J.F. Gonzalez is at the printer and expected to ship in two weeks. The book is now being bound. Below is your first look at the interior. Click on the pics to make them bigger.

A reminder — this will be the only edition of this book ever published, and there are less than 15 copies remaining for sale. Click here to order one.






LIBRA NIGRUM SCIENTIA SECRETA, by myself and J.F. Gonzalez, has had a difficult production. J.F. passed away as we were working on the final draft. Then there were delays with the artwork. And the layout has been tough for the designers — trying to make the pages look old and crumbling, using the correct binding materials, etc. But all of that is finished now, and Miskatonic Books reports that copies will ship to customers in three weeks.

There are less than 50 copies left, so if you’ve waited, you might want to order one now. Through n arrangement with the publisher, this volume will be the only edition of this book ever published, making it a true collector’s item.


IMG_1605Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00021]

By Brian Keene
Lazy Fascist Press
Paperback and Digital

By Brian Keene and Steven Shrewsbury
Apex Book Company
Paperback and Digital


9884e58ca5ceb2ba56a0e0e40e883e03Longtime readers know that over the last almost twenty-years, all of my books and stories have been taking place in a shared universe. You might also know that I’ve been serializing a novel called THE SEVEN: THE LABYRINTH Book One online via Patreon. New chapters get posted at least once a month (usually more than that), and it only costs you a dollar per month.

So far, the novel has focused on the characters in their individual realities, but today’s chapter (chapter ten) will bring significant squeals from longtime readers. That’s because today’s chapter is when Frankie, Teddy Garnett, Tony Genova, The Exit, Don Bloom, Nelson LeHorn, Lucifer, and Amun finally meet. That’s right. Characters from THE RISING, EARTHWORM GODS, DARK HOLLOW, and various other books and stories gathered together in the same room and tasked with one simple job — save all of reality from almost certain extinction.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to THE SEVEN, click here and check it out. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Ronald Kelly’s 2nd Annual Book Auction

It’s no secret that Ronald Kelly’s books were an influence on me back in the day. They still are today. That’s why I’m letting you know about his 2nd annual horror book auction to raise money for his daughter’s People to People Student Ambassador trip to Europe this summer. Among the offerings are signed books by myself, Bryan Smith, Joe R. Lansdale, Jonathan Janz, Bill Pronzini, and many more, including Ronald himself. Click here to peruse the titles.

Your Naughty List

A long time ago I wrote a short story called “The Siqqusim Who Stole Christmas”, in which Ob (from THE RISING quadrilogy) possesses the corpse of Santa Claus, and is confronted by mobsters Tony Genova and Vince Napoli (from the CLICKERS quadrilogy and various short stories). Soon, director Paul Campion (THE DEVIL’S ROCK) and I will launch a Kickstarter campaign to turn that story into a short film called THE NAUGHTY LIST. You can follow the movie’s official Twitter account, and you can also read Paul’s Blog in which he’s been posting about the trials and tribulations of making a short film.

Before we do that, however, Paul and I think you should have a say. What sort of rewards would you like to see from the Kickstarter campaign? Maybe there are some rewards we haven’t thought about that a lot of you REALLY want. If so, we’d like you to tell us. In order for us to keep track of your suggestions, we ask that you Tweet them to @The_NaughtyList or post them in the comments section below.

SCARES THAT CARE WEEKEND Author Programming Schedule

The SCARES THAT CARE WEEKEND charity horror convention takes place July 24-26 in Williamsburg, VA (click here for complete details). In addition to all of the other events and celebrities available at the convention (film stars, cosplay, dealer’s room, etc.) a number of authors will be on hand. What follows is the schedule for readings and panels, with a reminder that all of these authors will also be available to sign books for you all weekend long (so please seek them out at their table). Continue reading

BETTER WEIRD: A Tribute to David B. Silva

Out now in eBook (and coming soon as a signed, limited edition hardcover) is BETTER WEIRD: A TRIBUTE TO DAVID B. SILVA.

For a generation of horror fans, those four words signaled a momentous occasion: the arrival of a new issue of David B. Silva’s seminal publication, The Horror Show. For nine years in the 1980s, Dave and his magazine published some of the biggest names in the genre and introduced the world to countless others, nurturing dozens of careers along the road from first publication to major success. A man of limitless talent, Dave also earned a reputation as one of the field’s finest writers, producing a handful of brilliant novels and a vast collection of award-winning stories.

Following Dave’s untimely death in 2013, authors from around the horror world came forward to honor his memory. Those who grew up reading his immortal magazine, those who learned from his kind and careful tutelage, those who admired the editor, the writer, the man – they are all here, gathered in the pages of this special anthology: Kealan Patrick Burke, J.F. Gonzalez, Brian Hodge, Brian Keene, Joe R. Lansdale, Bentley Little, Elizabeth Massie, Robert R. McCammon, G. Wayne Miller, Thomas F. Monteleone, Billie Sue Mosiman, Yvonne Navarro, Paul F. Olson, Kathryn Ptacek, Gary Raisor, Steve Rasnic Tem, and Robert Swartwood.

With brand new tales of terror, lovingly-chosen classics, and heartfelt tributes, these writers have come to raise a chill, bring a tear, and remind you of the truth in Dave’s immortal words: It’s always Better Weird…


Director Paul Campion (THE DEVIL’S ROCK) has started a daily Blog about the trials and tribulations of adapting my short story “The Siqqusim Who Stole Christmas” into a film. He’ll also be talking about the pitfalls and roadblocks we’ve run into with the film adaptation of DARK HOLLOW. Follow along here.

CARPE NOCTEM 20th Anniversary Issue

The 20th Anniversary Issue of the legendary CARPE NOCTEM is on sale and shipping now. It contains my brand new story, “The Eleventh Muse”, as well as work from Brian Hodge, Weston Ochse, Linda Addison, and many more.

Back in the late 90s, it seemed like everyone in my “generation” of horror authors was trying to sell a story to Carpe Noctem. The magazine was available in places like Hot Topic and Tower Records, as well as bookstores and newsstands. You might think that since their fiction editor, Michael T. Huyck Jr., was my best friend, I got published there many times — but you’d be wrong. I never was. I collected more rejection slips from Mikey than any other editor at the time. And I deserved them. So, to have finally made it in with this 20th Anniversary issue? I’m very proud. And I think it’s one of my better stories. Also, we’re getting old. (I say that, because there’s been a lot of reminiscing lately among my generation of horror writers about the “good old days” of Gothic Net, Carpe Noctem, Chiaroscuro, Masters of Terror, Cabal Asylum/Welcome to Nod, Iniquities/Phantasm, and more).

Carpe Noctem 20th Anniversary Issue — click here to purchase.