“Had it not been for Scott Edelman and the other comic book storytellers of that time, I would have never wanted to become a writer, I would have never persisted until I actually became a writer, and I would certainly have never written The Rising, which means that zombie literature might not have enjoyed this new heyday.” That’s a brief excerpt from the Introduction I wrote for Scott Edelman’s new zombie collection LIARS, FAKERS AND THE DEAD WHO EAT THEM — which features two brand-new zombie novellas and is on sale right now in paperback for just $8.95. CLICK HERE … Continue reading LIARS, FAKERS, AND THE DEAD WHO EAT THEM


I’ve got a brand-new short story called “Sheltered In Place” that will be appearing later this year in NEW FEARS — the first volume of an annual, non-themed horror anthology, to be published by Titan Books in September, and edited by Mark Morris. You can pre-order the book in paperback or for your Kindle by clicking here. Below is the complete table of contents: THE BOGGLE HOLE – Alison Littlewood SHEPHERDS’ BUSINESS – Stephen Gallagher NO GOOD DEED – Angela Slatter THE FAMILY CAR – Brady Golden FOUR ABSTRACTS – Nina Allan SHELTERED IN PLACE – Brian Keene THE FOLD … Continue reading NEW FEARS

Baltimore Appearance – March 18

I’ll be attending the Scares That Care Crab Feast Fundraiser on Saturday, March 18 from 8pm to midnight, at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood 6526 Holabird Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21224. So will Mary SanGiovanni and The Horror Show’s Dave and Phoebe. Understand, we won’t have books for sale at the event. We’re just hanging out and not doing an official “signing”. BUT…if you buy a ticket to the event and bring books from home, we’ll be happy to sign them for you. Again, let me stress, you have to buy a ticket to the event. No sneaking in just to get your … Continue reading Baltimore Appearance – March 18

The End of the END OF THE ROAD

For the last nine months (plus change), I’ve been writing a weekly column for Cemetery Dance called END OF THE ROAD. Ostensibly based around chronicling last year’s Farewell (But Not Really) Tour (in support of the novels PRESSURE and THE COMPLEX), the weekly column became something much more — a long goodbye to departed friends J.F. Gonzalez and Tom Piccirilli, a meditation on the horror genre post Stephen King’s DANSE MACABRE until now, an examination of the changes the last twenty years have brought to bookselling and publishing, and a postcard from me at the edge of fifty. Last Friday … Continue reading The End of the END OF THE ROAD

Transcript of Open Letter to Bizarro Genre

On this week’s episode of my podcast, we discuss allegations of sexual assault involving Bizarro writer G Arthur Brown, and how the fallout from that, and other controversies, are impacting the Bizarro genre. Near the end of the show, I offered an “open letter” to all Bizarro writers and publishers. Some have asked for a transcript of THAT PORTION of the show, so I’m posting it below. To listen to the entire show, with context, click here. *** BRIAN: “So… this is my two cents. This is my open letter to the Bizarro genre. And when I say the Bizarro … Continue reading Transcript of Open Letter to Bizarro Genre


Thunderstorm Books still has about a dozen copies of the limited collector’s edition of UNSAFE SPACES left in stock. Click here to purchase one. “Thunderstorm Books is proud to present Brian Keene’s brand-new non-fiction collection, in which nothing is sacred…or safe. Be it loving tributes to authors J.F. Gonzalez and Tom Piccirilli (and a heartfelt account of how their deaths impacted him), ruminations on middle-age, a rueful look at how publishing and writing have changed, sarcastic barbs at pop culture’s obsession with superhero movies, a hard look at both sides of the social justice war, or thoughtful examinations of the … Continue reading UNSAFE SPACES


At noon today, we wrapped The Horror Show with Brian Keene’s 24-hour live telethon to benefit the Scares That Care charity. Our goal was to raise $10,000 for Scares That Care, to benefit these three families. I am happy to report we achieved our goal. I woke at 6:00am Thursday and went to bed at 1:00pm Friday. I spent 24 hours of that time talking. The rest was spent either preparing to talk or recovering from talking. All in all, both Dave and myself were awake 31 hours or so. If you were listening, you know what the physical toll … Continue reading THANK YOU


The Horror Show with Brian Keene is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with horror authors, filmmakers, artists, actors, musicians, and more. We are celebrating the show’s 100th episode with a live 24-hour telethon to benefit Scares That Care. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the charity over the next twenty-four hours. The event is being live-streamed via YouTube from noon 1/26/17 to noon 1/27/17. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN FOR FREE. If you have a question or comment for the hosts or their guests during the show, post it via Twitter using the #HorrorShow100 hashtag. This is the best way … Continue reading #HORRORSHOW100 TELETHON IS LIVE


My weekly podcast, THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE, reaches its milestone 100th episode later this month. To celebrate, we’ll be doing a live, 24-hour telethon from 12pm (EST) on Thursday, January 26th to 12pm (EST) on Friday, January 27th. During this live broadcast, we hope to raise $10,000 for Scares That Care — a 501C charity which you can learn more about here. This live event will be streamed online worldwide via my YouTube Channel, and will feature an array of special guests, surprises, and all the usual stuff you’ve come to expect from the show over the last … Continue reading THE HORROR SHOW LIVE TELETHON


The 2016 Maelstrom set is on sale and shipping now. The three-book set is limited to 225 copies and costs $150. It is (as of this writing) 90% sold out. If you want one, don’t delay. This year’s set includes: THRONE OF THE BASTARDS by Brian Keene and Steven L. Shrewsbury Rogan is back in this sequel to Brian Keene and Steven L. Shrewsbury’s award-winning KING OF THE BASTARDS, and this time, he’ll show no mercy. Learning that his family are in danger, Rogan returns to his former kingdom, now under siege from foreign invaders led by his bastard son. … Continue reading MAELSTROM SHIPPING

Podcast T-Shirt To Benefit Scares That Care

My podcast, The Horror Show with Brian Keene, is quickly approaching its 100th episode (which will be a special 24-hour telethon to raise money for the Scares That Care 501C charity). To celebrate, our new network, Project Entertainment, has partnered with Teespring to create these limited edition commemorative t-shirts. 100% of the proceeds from the shirts will go to Scares That Care. But the shirts are only available for the next 21 days, so CLICK HERE TO ORDER. Continue reading Podcast T-Shirt To Benefit Scares That Care