is a new book by Wrath James White and his son, Sultan White. I wrote the introduction for it.

The book is signed by all three of us and on sale now. Limited to only 90 hardcover copies and sure to go fast.

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OPERATION ICE BAT is a new benefit anthology edited by me. It’s available for $2.99 on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

It contains a new story by me called “The Guardian of Tsalal”. It also contains stories by Christopher Golden, J.F. Gonzalez, Kelli Owen, Robert Swartwood, James A. Moore, Mary SanGiovanni, Geoff Cooper, Robert Ford, Mandy DeGeit, Nate Southard, and many, many more.

100% of the proceeds go to our friend Dave Thomas, who is going through hard times right now. (You readers might best know Dave from the introduction he wrote for BLOOD ON THE PAGE).

Here is the full Table of Contents:

Introduction – Brian Keene
Breathe My Name – Christopher Golden
The Tin Box – Kelli Owen
For Whom We Mourn – Geoff Cooper
Inviolable – Mandy DeGeit
Mouth – Nate Southard
Little King – Nikki McKenzie
Home – J.F. Gonzalez
The Taste of Our Indiscretions – Robert Ford
In the Details – Michele Mixell
The Guardian of Tsalal – Brian Keene
A Family Birthday – Jacob Haddon
Emily’s Kiss – James A. Moore
Pretty, Pretty Shiny – Alyn Day
I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday – Mike Lombardo
The Mime – Mary SanGiovanni
The Wretched Spawn – Michael H. Antonio
Arrearages – Wesley Southard
Noogle Knock – Robert Swartwood


And on behalf of Dave and myself and all of the contributors, thank you in advance.


OPERATION: ICE BAT – a benefit anthology

Edited by Brian Keene

Featuring stories by (in order of appearance) Christopher Golden, Kelli Owen, Geoff Cooper, Mandy DeGeit, Nate Southard, Nikki McKenzie, J.F. Gonzalez, Robert Ford, Michele Mixell, Brian Keene, Jacob Haddon, James A. Moore, Alyn Day, Mike Lombardo, Mary SanGiovanni, Michael Antonio, Wesley Southard, and Robert Swartwood. Cover by Susan Scofield.

Digital only – Kindle, Nook & Kobo – August 2014

My Current Thoughts on Comics

(Inspired by everything from the #FireRickRemender nonsense to the ever-deepening malaise caused by creatively bankrupt crossover crap that is increasingly being foisted upon readers).

Let Brian Keene Babysit Your Child

Well, not quite. But next Tuesday, July 8th, I’ll be speaking to children at Glatfelter Memorial Library, 101 Glenview Road, Spring Grove, PA 17362 as part of their Summer Reading Program. Any child is welcome to attend (and you are welcome to attend with them). I’ll be talking about the importance of reading and writing, and explaining to the kids how to go about getting a job as a writer when they grow up. The event starts at 1pm sharp. For more information, contact Erica Hamilton at 717-793-7206 or the library at 225-3220. Please note: this event is for kids. Don’t show up without a kid, because that’s sort of creepy. But if you have a kid who’s interested in becoming a writer, or you just wish your kids would read more, then I hope to see you there.

New Reader Orientation

(Being a semi-quarterly introductory post to get new readers up to speed).

My name is Brian Keene. I am an award-winning, best-selling horror novelist. I also write comic books and other things for money. You can find a complete list of my books here, and a complete list of my comic books here. Currently, I am working on a novel (Hole in the World), a collection (Apocrypha), a novella (King of the Bastards), and two short stories (one of which is for a forthcoming X-Files book). Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that I encourage you to read. The best way to reach me is via Twitter, which I monitor 24/7. Email and Facebook are terrible ways to contact me, and your message is almost sure to get lost in the deluge. I have a Tumblr, which will become the focus of a micro-blogging experiment beginning tomorrow. I am also on Pinterest, Goodreads, Google+, Instagram, Vine, and many more. Links to all of those social media sites can be found here. I have a message board which I currently can’t access because of a glitch with my account, and I can’t set up a new account without losing Admin status. But you can visit it if you like. Tell everyone there I said “Hi.” I also have a free email newsletter which goes out once a month. You can sign up for it by following me on WhoSay and then choosing the option that allows me to email you. (One of those will be going out tomorrow — 7/4/2014 — in fact).


Occult detective Levi Stoltzfus is back, and in his strangest, most dangerous case yet — involving a possessed witching tree, a bargain with a demon, a humanoid cryptid stalking Levi’s hometown, a group of ruthless mercenaries, and a global conglomerate intent upon establishing a new world order. And unless Levi unravels the conspiracy, it’s all just a precursor to the end of the world, the universe, and reality itself.

Deadite Press
Paperback and e-book
Coming Soon

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Nickolaus Pacione – Concert Promoter

Nickolaus Pacione is a mentally-ill man from Illinois who fancies himself a writer and publisher. Over the past decade, he has stalked, harassed, or threatened over four dozen professional authors including (but not limited to) myself, Cherie Priest, Ramsey Campbell, Mary SanGiovanni, Kealan Patrick Burke, Angelina Hawkes-Craig, Darren McKeeman, Poppy Brite, Ray Garton, Christine Morgan, David Niall Wilson, and many more. In recent years, he has also begun to target minors. Although his threats never progress beyond his basement, they are a source of annoyance and aggravation for many of his victims, and have earned him numerous visits from various law enforcement agencies, as well as several involuntary stays in mental health facilities. Unfortunately, like herpes, he always comes back. And also unfortunately, there is always some well-meaning or kind-hearted person who is not aware of Pacione’s abusiveness, which is why I run these quarterly public service announcements (given his penchant for befriending people on social media and then stalking or harassing people from their friend lists).

And now, having utterly failed as a writer and being exposed as a publisher who doesn’t pay his contributors and prints work without the author’s permission, Pacione has decided to reinvent himself as a concert promoter. Continue reading