The annual Scares That Care Weekend Charity Event takes place this coming weekend at the Doubletree By Hilton in Williamsburg, VA 23185. There will be dozens of best-selling horror authors in attendance and eager to sign books for you. I will also be there, however, since I serve on the Board of Directors for the charity and the convention, I will be very busy with operations and will be unable to sign

On Fucking Off of Facebook

As a public figure, for many years I have had a private Facebook account under a pseudonymous name. I use that account for family members and close friends — personal photos and the like. I DO NOT use it for the public. For many years, that pseudonym was ‘Byron Kane’. When people started to figure that out, I changed it to ‘Joe Kerr’ which is what it has been for


Brian talks with cosplay educator Trickssi about the Cosplay Survivor Support Network and its mission to support and provide resources for those experiencing assault, abuse, stalking or harassment at fan conventions. Plus Alan Moore retires, Dean Koontz recharges, and the 2019 British Fantasy Award nominees. Listen for free on YouTube – iTunes – Spotify – Project Entertainment– iHeartRadio  – Stitcher

Go Fund Me for James A. Moore

The official Go Fund Me for author James A. Moore is now live. For twenty-five years, James A. Moore has been producing beloved works of horror and fantasy, from his early days with White Wolf Games through his brilliant grimdark fantasy series Seven Forges. Throughout his career, Jim has coached, mentored, inspired, and even threatened literally hundreds of writers to “sit their asses in a chair and write,” to “finish

“Welcome To The Whitespring”

My eleven-year old and I enjoy playing Fallout 76 together. He thinks it is particularly cool that the game is set in West Virginia — which is where we have our family cabin — and that so many locations in the game (Uncanny Caverns/Lost World Caverns and Lewisburg) are real-life locations near that cabin. This past week, he and I went down to the cabin on vacation. We visited his

JIM SCHOPF: FIELD OF SCREAMS- The Horror Show with Brian Keene – Ep 228

Jim Schopf, the owner of America’s number one haunted attraction – Field of Screams – joins Brian, Matt and Dave to talk its origins, popularity, and the secrets to operating a successful Halloween theme park. Plus Charlee Jacob in remembrance, Dave updates listeners on his prognosis, James A. Moore kicks cancer’s butt, and…Brian holds Paul Tremblay hostage? Listen for free on YouTube – iTunes – Spotify – Project Entertainment– iHeartRadio  – Stitcher

On Hiatus

As mentioned in last Sunday’s newsletter, I’ll be offline from Wednesday the 17th until Monday the 22nd. And by offline I mean deep in the mountains where there is no internet and no cell phone coverage, so you cannot reach me via email or my cell. The only way to reach me is via landline, and you don’t have that number. There will be a new episode of The Horror

A LITTLE SORROWED TALK – Paperbacks On Sale Now!

As previously announced, Night Worms and Thunderstorm Books have partnered together for exclusive editions of A LITTLE SORROWED TALK by me and TALES FROM THE SHADOW SIDE by Jonathan Janz. The signed hardcovers from Thunderstorm books are now sold out. The signed paperbacks are available through Night Worms. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR COPY. This is a limited run, and once they are sold out, they are sold out. There

Brian Keene Radio 2.0

After a six month hiatus, I’ve rebooted Brian Keene Radio with new (and hopefully better) software. Brian Keene Radio is a FREE online radio station, broadcasting 24/7 and playing episodes of The Horror Show with Brian Keene, Defenders Dialogue, Mary SanGiovanni’s Cosmic Shenanigans, as well as music, interviews, stories, and exclusive content from me that you can only hear via the station. You can listen to it in 4 different

A LITTLE SORROWED TALK – Hardcover Up For Preorder

The signed hardcover edition of A LITTLE SORROWED TALK is up for preorder from Thunderstorm Books. It is limited to only 150 copies and will sell out fast. Click here to reserve your copy. As previously announced, there will also be a signed paperback edition of A LITTLE SORROWED TALK released through Night Worms. Details on how to get that will be announced on July 15th. These will be the

LitReactor Workshop

I am happy to announce that myself, Mary SanGiovanni, Damien Angleica Walters, and Gwendolyn Kiste will be teaching a four week online course at LitReactor. The class runs from August 20th to September 17th. Click the image below for complete details.

DAHMER’S NOT DEAD – The Horror Show with Brian Keene – Ep 227

Edward Lee and Brian Keene discuss the origin and behind the scenes details of Lee’s novel DAHMER’S NOT DEAD (co-written with Elizabeth Steffan). Then, Mary SanGiovanni and Matt Wildasin review the book and its impact on the horror genre. Plus Marilyn Manson and Shooter Jennings team-up, and a fundraiser for Dave Thomas. Listen for free on YouTube – iTunes – Spotify – Project Entertainment– iHeartRadio  – Stitcher

A Tom Piccirilli Primer

Today marks another anniversary of Tom Piccirilli’s passing (back in 2015), and it occurs to me that a lot of my younger fans probably haven’t read him. We need to un-fuck that. Tom was not only one of my best friends (we called each other “Big Bro” and “Little Bro” for the almost 20 years that we knew each other) — he was one of the best writers my generation


Ghost Rider! Black Widow! Hercules! Iceman! Angel! Christopher Golden and Brian Keene discuss the most power-packed premiere of all in the Mighty Marvel Renaissance as THE CHAMPIONS make their debut! Listen for free on iTunes – YouTube – Project Entertainment – iHeartRadio – Stitcher

A LITTLE SORROWED TALK: The Storm Arrives July 15

Night Worms has partnered with Thunderstorm Books for exclusive paperback editions of A LITTLE SORROWED TALK by Brian Keene and TALES FROM THE SHADOW SIDE by Jonathan Janz. These will only be sold exclusively through Nightworms. The paperback editions will be signed by the respective authors and limited. Night Worms subscribers are guaranteed this package (You can buy the August package with a subscription option to secure September but today

GoFundMe For THE HORROR SHOW’S Dave Thomas

If you’re a regular listener to THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE, then you know about co-host and engineer Dave Thomas’s medical crisis, and how we had to cancel this year’s telethon as a result. Now, Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel and the good folks at NECON have put together several fundraisers to help Dave with his mounting expenses, including this GoFundMe. Click here to donate.

THE WALKING DEAD IS DEAD – The Horror Show with Brian Keene – Ep 226

Brian, Mary, and Matt update listeners on Dave’s hospitalization and the cancellation of the third annual The Horror Show with Brian Keene Telethon. Plus, a farewell to THE WALKING DEAD and Vertigo Comics, a hello to Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN, and big news for Adam Cesare. Listen for free on YouTube – iTunes – Spotify – Project Entertainment– iHeartRadio  – Stitcher

Stationary Goals and Moving Targets

I’m pretty much offline until Monday, doing some Scout-related stuff. During down time, I intend to continue reading STEVE GERBER: CONVERSATIONS, edited and compiled by Jason Sacks, Eric Hoffman, and Dr. Dominick Grace. This was easily my most anticipated book of 2019, and so far, it hasn’t disappointed. Admittedly, it’s for a specialized audience — fans of Gerber, fans of Bronze Age comics, comic historians and academics, and writers who


Brian Keene takes a look at the post-Bronze Age incarnations of your favorite non-team, including the Secret Defenders, the Order, the Last Defenders, and the Fearless Defenders. Listen for free on iTunes – YouTube – Project Entertainment – iHeartRadio – Stitcher

The Special

THE SPECIAL — a film directed by B Harrison Smith (DEATH HOUSE), produced by Doug Henderson (of Everything’s Fire), and based on the novella by James Newman and Mark Steensland — had its premiere screening here in York last night. Mary SanGiovanni and I attended, as did authors Kelli Owen, Robert Ford, and Wesley Southard, and director Mike Lombardo (who assisted with special effects for this film and whom you

3rd Annual Brian Keene Telethon Cancelled

It is with profound regret that I have to announce the cancellation of the 3rd annual The Horror Show with Brian Keene telethon, which was scheduled to take place at Dark Delicacies in September. Listeners to the show know that co-host and engineer Dave Thomas has been experiencing some health problems. I am not going to share the private details of what has been occurring, but while Dave’s condition so