The Maelstrom Early Warning System has been activated! This is not a test!

For new readers, Maelstrom is the publishing imprint I curate for Thunderstorm Books. Each year, we release a three-book set. That set always consists of a novel-length work by me, a novella-length work by me, and a novel-length work by an author whom I feel more readers should be familiar with. Previous authors showcased in Maelstrom who have since gone on to great things include Kelli Owen, Bracken MacLeod, Chesya Burke, John Urbancik, Rachel Autumn Deering and many more. Maelstrom’s other function is to introduce Millennial and Generation Z readers to the centuries old tradition of collectible, signed limited edition hardcover books. So, when you buy a Maelstrom set, you are not only getting great fiction and discovering new authors — you are also investing in a keepsake that stands out on your bookshelf.

There was no Maelstrom set last year because I set myself on fire.

But now we are back. The 2019 Maelstrom set will go up for pre-order next month (September). This year’s books include:

CURSE OF THE BASTARDS by Brian Keene and Steven L. Shrewsbury — This last novel in the Rogan trilogy sees the aged barbarian returning to the place of his birth for a final battle with long-time enemies and new threats.

THE TRIANGLE OF BELIEF by Brian Keene — This non-fiction book is an examination of religion, spiritualism, atheism, agnosticism, the supernatural, and the one point where they all meet.

WORLD’S FARE by Michael T. Huyck Jr. — This novel is a mind-bending and horrific trip through New Orleans’s dark and checkered past.

Again, this set will go up for pre-order next month (September). The purpose of this post is to give you time to save your money.

The Maelstrom Early Warning System concludes.

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