My eleven-year old and I enjoy playing Fallout 76 together. He thinks it is particularly cool that the game is set in West Virginia — which is where we have our family cabin — and that so many locations in the game (Uncanny Caverns/Lost World Caverns and Lewisburg) are real-life locations near that cabin.

This past week, he and I went down to the cabin on vacation. We visited his great-grandmother (who turns 94 this year) and swam in the Greenbrier River and saw some of the old family homesteads. But the main thing we did was visit the real-life location of his favorite part of the game: The Whitespring Resort aka The Greenbrier Hotel. We took the bunker tour (something I’ve done before when I was conducting research for my novel ENTOMBED which is set inside a fictionalized version of that bunker). Then we walked around the resort grounds and both of us marveled at just how accurately Bethesda Game Studios portrayed the location within Fallout 76, down to and including the attention to detail on the garbage cans and golf carts.

So here — for my Fallout 76 family, and my friends on the Fallout 76 sub-Reddit, and for any fans of my work who might enjoy a behind the scenes glimpse of what I do when I go on vacation — is a look at the Whitesprings Resort and the nearby Whitesprings Station.

PS: Yes, I am back from vacation, but episode 6 of THOR: METAL GODS (for Marvel and Serial Box), a new novella (still untitled), two short stories, and new and long overdue chapter of HISTORY OF HORROR are all due by the end of this month, so expect things to be quiet here on the Blog for the next week.

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