The signed hardcover edition of A LITTLE SORROWED TALK is up for preorder from Thunderstorm Books. It is limited to only 150 copies and will sell out fast. Click here to reserve your copy.

As previously announced, there will also be a signed paperback edition of A LITTLE SORROWED TALK released through Night Worms. Details on how to get that will be announced on July 15th. These will be the only two editions of the book released. There will be no ebooks, no audiobooks, and no further paperbacks or hardcovers.

Grandmaster Award-winner Brian Keene’s newest short story collection examines happiness and grief, love and hate, youth and age, and the darkness thriving in the gulf between them. A criminal decides to kill himself by getting healthy. The survivors of the zombie apocalypse find out there’s something worse than being dead or living dead. An author’s meta-fictional story brings disastrous results. A father discovers that the space between him and his child may be otherworldly. An antediluvian barbarian and a modern-day ex-Amish occultist face off against the same enemy. Your dreams. Your fears. Your hopes. Your regrets. In the hands of Brian Keene, all of them are just… A LITTLE SORROWED TALK.


  1. Apologies I was just wondering when these ship out, I didn’t see it posted anywhere. Sorry if I overlooked it.

  2. Ouch, that is painful. I was hoping to buy the Night Worms edition. Seems they don’t ship to the Netherlands. Now the Thunderstorm edition is also sold out…

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