Night Worms has partnered with Thunderstorm Books for exclusive paperback editions of A LITTLE SORROWED TALK by Brian Keene and TALES FROM THE SHADOW SIDE by Jonathan Janz. These will only be sold exclusively through Nightworms. The paperback editions will be signed by the respective authors and limited. Night Worms subscribers are guaranteed this package (You can buy the August package with a subscription option to secure September but today is the last day). The remaining quantity is sold first-come, first-serve starting July 15th, 2019 at 8 am PST.

A LITTLE SORROWED TALK: Grandmaster Award-winner Brian Keene’s newest short story collection examines happiness and grief, love and hate, youth and age, and the darkness thriving in the gulf between them. A criminal decides to kill himself by getting healthy. The survivors of the zombie apocalypse find out there’s something worse than being dead or living dead. An author’s meta-fictional story brings disastrous results. A father discovers that the space between him and his child may be otherworldly. An antediluvian barbarian and a modern-day ex-Amish occultist face off against the same enemy. Your dreams. Your fears. Your hopes. Your regrets. In the hands of Brian Keene, all of them are just… A LITTLE SORROWED TALK.

TALES FROM THE SHADOW SIDE: A meek man enters a spooky theater for all-night horror movie triple bill. An unscrupulous contractor messes with the wrong family. A single mother discovers a bizarre link between her son and an unspeakable Lovecraftian horror. A con artist posing as an outcast from an Amish church gets more than he bargained for in the Indiana forest. And a college professor eager to make money by solving a decades-old cannibal atrocity learns the true meaning of terror in the Great Smoky Mountains. In this collection of rarely-collected nightmares, you’ll find tales of suspense, dread, and madness. It’s time to take a journey to Jonathan Janz’s Shadow Side.

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