A LITTLE SORROWED TALK: The Storm Arrives July 15

Night Worms has partnered with Thunderstorm Books for exclusive paperback editions of A LITTLE SORROWED TALK by Brian Keene and TALES FROM THE SHADOW SIDE by Jonathan Janz. These will only be sold exclusively through Nightworms. The paperback editions will be signed by the respective authors and limited. Night Worms subscribers are guaranteed this package (You can buy the August package with a subscription option to secure September but today

GoFundMe For THE HORROR SHOW’S Dave Thomas

If you’re a regular listener to THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE, then you know about co-host and engineer Dave Thomas’s medical crisis, and how we had to cancel this year’s telethon as a result. Now, Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel and the good folks at NECON have put together several fundraisers to help Dave with his mounting expenses, including this GoFundMe. Click here to donate.