Got an email from Artem, a very nice guy who is hard at work translating my books into Russian for Poltergeist Press. It was Artem who translated DARK HOLLOW into Темная Лощина (which is available in hardcover, paperback and ebook in Russia, but also in the United States via good ol’ Amazon).

My next Russian novel will be THE RISING, and Artem had some questions about American phrases and slang and what they meant. I answered them for him. And that collaboration between the two of us is the reason why Темная Лощина is selling so well in Russia, and why I have no doubt THE RISING will sell just as well.

The vast majority of authors I know (and I know pretty much everybody at this point) worry about “Russian e-book pirates”. And yes, it’s true that Russian-language editions of our work make up a vast amount of pirated editions. But here’s the thing — those translations are terrible, and Russian readers know it. They’re a hack job. Those translations aren’t thoughtful or nuanced. They don’t strive to capture the author’s voice or intent. They don’t seek to bridge the cultural divide and account for different meanings.

Poltergeist Press, on the other hand, are taking their time with each of my books, and asking questions about meaning and subtext and American idioms that might not translate so well to the Russian populace. And as a result, Russian readers are truly experiencing my work the way I intended it to be read. Indeed, I’ve heard from a few Russian fans who read one of the various pirated editions of DARK HOLLOW, and have now read the Poltergeist Press version, and they unanimously think this official version is better.

If you want to stop the pirates, get a good translator.

And if you’re an American author curious about the Russian mass-market, or an American reader of mine who wants a pretty neat collectible, click here and get yourself a trade hardcover or mass-market paperback of Темная Лощина.