You might have noticed the new look for this website. That’s to go along with the new vibe, which is a return to daily blogging. I used to Blog quite a bit. I even won two awards for them. But I stopped when social media became a thing. And now, as I get older and social media grows increasingly tiresome as septic chodes from all walks of life pollute it with their toxic, self-centered bullshit, I find myself pulling back from the form. I quit using Instagram and Goodreads and such months ago. I use Facebook only as a private thing for friends and family (the public Brian Keene Facebook page is operated by two people I trust). The only two social media outlets I use regularly are twitter and YouTube, and I will continue to use those. But as I said, more and more I find myself turning away from social media and desiring to return to my roots. I have some final thoughts, before I leave — thoughts better expressed in Blog form than on a podcast or a 140-character Tweet. I hope that you’ll join me. Hail Saten.


  1. I had some seriously fucked-up interactions on Facebook with family members about politics about a year ago and have posted on my page maybe once or twice since then. For me it has become toxic.

    Overall I find myself wanting to share less on social media. Not getting much out of it other than keeping up with the news via Twitter.

    I’m turning 45 soon so maybe that has something to do with it?

    Anyway, best of luck on here. Will keep up.

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