Remember when Raven Banner were going to make DARK HOLLOW and there was even a teaser trailer for it? Here is that teaser trailer if you don’t remember it.

Well, the movie never happened due to budgetary issues, but the statue that appears in the trailer (and in the book) sat in director Paul Campion’s workshop for years, until Paul moved back to New Zealand, at which point it had to find a new home. Originally, we’d hoped to auction it for charity, but the cost of shipping it internationally would have been prohibitive for any lucky buyer. So, instead, we decided to just bring the statue here, and after a long journey, it has finally arrived.

Here is a video documenting the statue’s arrival, and our difficulty fitting it into the studio, and our plans for it going forward. I should also note that this video is my first attempt at going beyond simply producing movies and trying my hand at editing, as well. Be kind. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.


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  1. Aaaaaand I’m betting Hylinus learns to play the guitar first 😉 Seriously, that’s about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

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