From Lesley Conner, managing Editor of Apex Publications:

Today is supposed to be the release day for Hole in the World – the prequel to Brian Keene’s popular Lost Level series – but you will notice this is not a “Hooray! A new book is here!” newsletter.

Currently Hole in the World is in limbo. You could say it has fallen into the Lost Level. When will it come out? I’m not sure.

The problem isn’t the book. Hole in the World is ready! It is super excited to get into your grabby hands and be devoured by your gray matter. Unfortunately, it takes more than having the book ready to actually get it out there.

When we set the release date for Hole in the World, we didn’t know that Apex’s owner/publisher Jason Sizemore would soon be facing some pretty significant health issues and a major surgery. (You can read more about everything Jason has been going through in the February Apex Magazine editorial.) Once we did learn about the surgery, we thought the release would be fine. As I mentioned, the book is ready. We worked really hard before Jason’s surgery to make sure everything was ready to go, so he’d have to do as little as possible to get Hole in the World out to you. Believing this was part optimism that his recovery would go swiftly, part denial of exactly how huge this surgery actually way, and part unforeseen issues that have slowed his recovery down. The end result is Jason is not back at work. We truly believed that, by this point, he would be back at least part time, but that just isn’t possible yet and he needs to focus on getting well.

So what does that mean for Hole in the World? Well, I am working with Apex’s associate editors Jane and Hannah to try and figure out how to get the eBooks out to everyone who preordered. This is a learn as we go situation since none of us has ever actually done this portion of the job. We believe that we’ve figured out Kindle, so those of you who preordered the eBook edition through Amazon will hopefully have your copy soon. I am working to figure out how to get them to go out through the Apex website for those of you who preordered directly through us. We will get everything else moving as quickly as we can.

I truly apologize for this delay and the confusion. We are doing the best that we can in a situation none of us foresaw.

In the meantime, you can read an excerpt of Hole in the World here.

And if you want to own your own copy of the book that has fallen into the hole in Apex’s world, you can order here. One day it will just pop out of the ether, ready for you to consume!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected].

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Lesley Conner
Managing Editor
Apex Publications


  1. I’m not sure why I got so lucky but I bought it off Amazon for my kindle at 10:00 pm mountain time on the 25th and I’m 30 percent through it and it’s great.

  2. Just wanted to thank Brian, Camelot and Apex and all involved! Finished it yesterday and I loved it. The afterword was also great and explained a few things for me. Hope everyone gets to read it soon.

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