I’M DREAMING OF A WHITE DOOMSDAY — the nihilistic holiday horror film written and directed by Mike Lombardo, executive produced by Brian keene, and starring Hope Bikle, Reeve Blazi, Damien Maffei, Shannon Moyer, and Holly Andrew — has been dominating the film festival circuit for the last year.

Today, we are happy to announce that it will see distribution on Blu-Ray and DVD in time for this holiday season, via the folks at Scream Team.

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  1. Fantastic news! I met, and got to chat with, Mike and most of the cast at I’M DREAMING OF A WHITE DOOMSDAY’s world premiere in Columbus. Having followed (via THSWBK podcast, and other media) Mike’s commitment and hard work on the film, it’s gratifying as hell to see this film get the treatment it deserves.

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