Join authors Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, Stephen Kozeniewski, and Wesley Southard Saturday, from noon to 3pm at Protean Books & Records 836 Leadenhall St Baltimore, MD 21230.

There will be books on hand for sale. You are also welcome to bring books from home to be signed. There is no charge for signing or selfies, but we ask that you support the store with a purchase of some kind.


  1. Dear Brian,
    You have an important email from The Equation Group ™ regarding podcast episode #177 We mailed you at [email protected] as we didn’t want to invade any of your private email accounts. We mean you no ill will and we know you will appreciate knowing where content regarding WBJ came from. Please check your spam box just in case as we would appreciate you reading what we have sent. You will notice there is no attachment in the email sent as our message to you is only in regards to WBJ and what we have done to ensure he pays for his crimes. We do not respond to throw away emails which you will understand after reading our message to you and the writing community.

    Take care Brian and keep up the good work.

    PS – Akismet, our real IP address is

    1. Hi Equation Group — don’t know if you see responses to throwaway emails or not, but in case you didn’t see mine — I’ll certainly share the message to the community at large, but it won’t be for a few weeks, as this week’s show is already pre-recorded and in the can.

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