For the first time ever, TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME is available as an audiobook, narrated by Chet Williamson. Click here to purchase from Audible.

All across the world, people suddenly vanish in the blink of an eye. From their cars during the rush hour commute. From shopping malls. Their homes. Their beds. Even from the arms of their loved ones. Airline pilots. World leaders. Teachers. Parents. Children. Gone.   

Steve, Charlie, and Frank were just trying to get home when it happened. Now they find themselves left behind and wishing they’d disappeared, too. Trapped in the ultimate traffic jam, they watch as civilization collapses, claiming the souls of those around them. God has called his faithful home, but the invitations for Steve, Charlie, and Frank got lost. Now they must set off on foot through a nightmarish postapocalyptic landscape in search of answers. In search of God. In search of their loved ones. And in search of home.

Brian Keene’s TAKE THE LONG WAY HOMEClick here to start listening now!


  1. Love this story, but it seems like the beginning of a longer work. Brian, any chance of ever expanding this into a novel?

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