I was totally surprised and completely humbled to find out that the rest of the Board of Directors for the Scares That Care charity decided to present me with this year’s 2018 Scares That Care Assistance Award — an honor previously bestowed upon Kane Hodder, Count Gore De Vol, Grindhouse Nights Film Festival, and many others. The award recognizes those who help the charity, and my fellow board members decided to honor the efforts of second annual The Horror Show with Brian Keene telethon, which raised $21,000 for the charity in 24 hours.

I did not know I was to be this year’s recipient until I was presented with the crystal statue. As a result, I had no prepared speech. I couldn’t have delivered a speech even if I had one, because I was moved to tears.

Now that I’ve had time to recover from our fifth annual convention, let this serve as my speech.

I’ve known Joe Ripple the better part of two decades now, and in that time, he has earned my trust an loyalty — two things I don’t give out easily. If Joe asked me to drag my balls across six miles of broken glass, I’d do it, because I love and respect him. Luckily, instead of asking me if I’d like to drag my balls across six miles of broken glass, Joe instead asked me if I’d like to help him help kids with cancer and terminal illnesses, moms with breast cancer, and burn victims. I immediately said yes, and for the last five years I’ve been happy to back him up in this worthy endeavor.

In my private life, I’m most proud of my sons. In my public life, I’m most proud of what Scares That Care accomplishes. I know that, to the public, I’m Brian Keene the best-selling horror author. But when I am working for Scares That Care, all of that falls by the wayside. I see directly how we help people in their darkest hours, and impact their lives when they need it the most. Sometimes, seeing that is tough, and it is often humbling, but there’s nothing better than what we accomplish as a charity — and as a team. And you folks out there in the audience are a part of that team, as well.

Thank you Joe Ripple for giving me an opportunity to be one of the good guys. Thanks to my fellow board members — Al, Jason, Andrew, and the League of Brians. I’m proud to serve alongside each of you. Thanks to all of our volunteer staff, and to all of you who attended this weekend or have contributed to one of our other fundraiser events. And thanks to those who contributed to the telethon, to the Project Entertainment Network for hosting us, and to my fellow Horror Show with Brian Keene co-hosts — Mary SanGiovanni, Dave Thomas, Mike Lombardo, Phoebe, Dungeonmaster 77.1, and Matt Wildasin.

Thank you. Go out there and fight monsters.


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