Chaos reigns as Dungeonmaster 77.1 returns with a defense of Mike Lombardo and reviews of Kelli Owen and ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED. Then, Brian, Mary and Dave have a spirited debate over Richard Laymon’s SAVAGE. Plus, the reasons behind the genre’s expulsion of Will Bernardara, and an examination of the multiple allegations against comics writer Tee Franklin..

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  1. Brian. This is Will Bernardara Jr. I haven’t heard your podcast. But I wanted to make a few things clear. Firstly, there was no “expulsion from the genre” because I don’t write horror. Secondly, I have several pieces appearing in various magazines and anthologies in the next few months. Thirdly, my sister was gang-raped and committed suicide four months later. The “rape pyramid” I posted on Facebook was from a sub-reddit devoted to “rape is a myth.” I was exposing these imbeciles for what they are, not endorsing them. The fact that I have to explain this is inane. Now, if you have a problem with my criminal history, guess what? I served my time. And I don’t hide anything I’ve done. I’m the founder of a CRIMINAL literary circle, for fuck’s sake, and it says so in my bios. Lastly, if you object to a true crime photograph, a famous one, then that’s your hang up. Go attack Investigation Discovery and every other true-crime author who’s used the same photo. Good day.

    1. Hi Mr. Bernardara. A few follow up questions:

      1. Any comment on allegations from multiple Facebook users who allege that you stated you wanted to Livestream the torture of a female?

      2. Are you stating above that rather than using the photograph for your personal titillation (your quote that you have it hanging in your home) you are using it in regards to a documentary or news?

      3. Any response to the new allegation that you have made threatening comments regarding the editor of NihilismRevised?

      4. You stated that you “are armed”. Wouldn’t that violate your parole?

      I reported the allegations against you as just those — allegations. I’ll be sure to include your statement above as a follow-up on this week’s show. As for your criminal history, I reported the publicly available information. I don’t judge it. Many former crinimals are reformed, productive members of our industry. But your statement above does little to address the concerns or allegations made by DOZENS of other authors, editors, and professionals in this industry, based on their interactions with you.


      1. Hello, Mr. Keene. Livestream the torture of a female? That is absurd. I was in prison for 15 years; I wouldn’t know how to livestream something any more than I would know how to build a NASA rocket. They might be referring to a music video we were considering doing with a performance artist who cuts herself, but I’m sure. To answer the question though, no, I have no interest in torturing anyone. If there are multiple Facebook users saying that, they’re probably liars, or listening to people who make stuff up because they’re bored and like to gossip. I might not be what you’d describe as a moralist, but what I certainly am is honest. If I wanted to torture someone, believe me, I would tell you. Of course that photograph isn’t hanging in my home. That is what is called a joke. My interest in that particular photo is its dissonance. It looks staged – the victim looks like a European model, and her pose even seems “acted.” And yet it is entirely real. I find this compelling. Furthermore, I do not deal in faux horror. I don’t write vampires or zombies. I write about the sickness of this world, and I try to show people things that they may not be aware or want to know about. My horror – if one could call it “horror,” I certainly don’t – is more of the existential variety. For me, the last horror writer that mattered was Ligotti. I haven’t made any comments about Nihilism Revised or its editors. In fact, I removed all trace of Nihilism Revised from all of my accounts. I don’t want to be published with them, and they don’t want to publish me. I’m not on parole, Mr. Keene. I served the entirety of my 7-to-15-year sentence. And, in accordance with Schopenhauer’s view of humans as dangerous animals, you bet your sweet ass I’m armed. I have had no interactions with any authors or publishers other than S.C. Burke and Zak A. Ferguson. In my experience, publishers publish my stuff and never talk to me about it or get personal. I truly felt bad that Nihilism Revised received a bunch of flak for a post of mine that was wholly and stupidly misinterpreted. Two other things I’d like to make clear: when Zak said, “The cult has its eyes set upon you,” he wasn’t referring to my literary circle; he was referring to the OBVIOUSLY FAKE death hoax post, in which I said I had been murdered by a sect of occultists. This “article” had the staff reporter’s name listed Aneka B. Stupid. And, if anyone had bothered to read the post in full, it went on to say that the coroner believed A DEMON was responsible for my death. People who believed that post should not be allowed to breed or operate heavy machinery. Lastly, the home invasion reported by the Macomb Daily was RIDDLED with errors. And the police report corroborates this. Not that it matters much, but I did not break into my ex’s house. We were on her porch arguing, and I threw an ashtray through the window, shattering it, out of anger. She then stormed off into the front yard and I followed her. I grabbed her by the arm and forcefully turned her around to face to continue the argument, at which time the police pulled up. Never did I tackle her. Never have I struck a woman. And if I did, I would admit it. I don’t care about money or reputation; the quality of my writing speaks for itself. I have nothing to lie about. And thank you for responding. I consider that fair of you. So thanks.

          1. And if you have any further questions feel free to ask me. My email is [email protected]. I talk to approximately 12 people, so these folks claiming to have had “interactions” with me are simply lying. Or they’re delusional. Or they spoke with someone claiming to be me. And one more addendum: the reason I have had multiple Facebook accounts is NOT because I’m hiding or something. It’s because my accounts are constantly getting banned for “inappropriate imagery,” as you can imagine. And anyone who knows me, knows I’d give them the shirt off my back, to use a hackneyed phrase. I’m a decent man. Can’t say the same for the vast majority of the human race, which is why I come off as hateful. Because people have NO integrity. People care more about biographical details than they do the work, and all we care about is the work. Lovecraft’s a racist. David Foster Wallace is a woman-beater. I want to know how these people justify watching Polanski films? Oh… they don’t. They don’t bother to think that deeply about anything they do or say. And even though my relationship with Nihilism Revised soured over my social media antics, I still think they’re a fine outfit doing something different. Never would I threaten Zak or S.C. Never would I threaten ANYONE, for that matter. If I wanted to do violence, I’d just do it, not tweet about it. Anyway, I feel I’ve taken up enough of your time. Best – Will

  2. Thought you might find this amusing… came from a fellow writer: it seems it is something of a war, eh? i did get to hear some of what was on the podcast second-hand. astounding that they could get so worked up about all this. the very title of it “the EXPULSION of will bernardara jr. from the genre”, i mean wtf? is this some kind of 50’s mccarthyist black listing? jesus. who are these people? orwell would be both very amused and very disgusted if he could see that it wasn’t the government but FELLOW CITIZENS that have instituted censorship and New Speak. and there’s nothing to stop it now; i just saw an internal memo from the ACLU that was leaked saying something like “we should now take into account whether free speech might infringe on others’ rights”. – WHAT other rights? the right not to be OFFENDED? 2018 will be henceforth known as the year, not of the “snowflake” (there’s always been those), but the year that they gained ascendancy. i mean, U of M has a “Bias Response Team”. encourages fellow students to make anonymous reports on bias or “hurtful” language. you simply cannot make this shit up. but so long as we are committed to lighting little brush fires in people’s minds (as samuel adams says), our revolution (for it is nothing less than a revolution of consciousness) will succeed. (and btw, as a sidenote, do they not know they’re just giving you free publicity? how stupid can they be??)

  3. Yeah, I bet that comment is awaiting moderation, you coward. I’ll tell you what, you have me call in to your pathetic podcast and I will shred you to pieces in every sense – philosophically, morally, ontologically, metaphysically. Oh, what’s this? A magazine just hit newsstands this morning with my story in it? I guess your blacklisting attempt isn’t working so well. I guess real writers don’t care what shitty “extreme horror” hacks think. ABOUT ANYTHING. “The Justice League.” More like The Moron Club. In the interest of what was going on here, I read The Rising. Jesus H. Christ. You are a fucking JOKE. That is some of the worst writing I have ever seen. And I’m not kidding: you are trash. That is fifth-grade-level prose. You fucking scumbag. People like you and that pedophile Laymon and that simpleton Edward Lee TRIVIALIZE real murder and death and rape by making it “entertainment” for mass consumption. If anyone’s immoral, it’s cocksuckers like you. When I write about the horrors of this world, there’s no fucking entertainment going on. There is upset, disturbance, and woe. Period. You idiots exploit this shit. Not that I care. Clowns like you aren’t even on our radar. You think we look to morons like you and Stephen King for our inspiration? We’re guided by Pessoa, Kafka, Nabokov, you bag of shit. “Expulsion from the genre.” What genre? I don’t write HORROR, you imbecile. And then I found a quote by you where you stated you write for “normal folk. For the blue collar types,” or something along those lines. So you’re saying that normal, blue collar types are TOO FUCKING STUPID to comprehend anything beyond the moralistic, sanctimonious, pious drivel you spew? You’re a fucking idiot. You’re not a writer or an artist; you’re a fucking exploitationist and a hack. Have me call in to your show. I FUCKING DARE YOU.

    1. Every comment here awaits moderation. Your comment isn’t special. It’s just like all the others. And given how quickly you’ve gone from polite to antgonistic, I see no reason to have you on the show. We presented your side of the story, in your own words, as you requested. And we presented your detractor’s sides, in their own words, as they requested.

        1. And based on our interactions here, my mind hasn’t been changed. If you’d like to continue posting comments, feel free, but I don’t see the need to respond any further.

          Our job is to report on things that impact the horror community. A large number of horror authors, editors, and readers levelled a series of allegations concerning you, and then unfriended or blocked you on social media. We deemed that a newsworthy story. We reported both sides the story, and quoted your responses, as promised. We reported the allegations of your detractors as just that — allegations. We reported your defense as just that — your defense. We reported the facts as just those — facts. And we offered opinion as just that — opinion. I stand by our coverage. If that is unsatisfactory, then I suggest you speak to the Project Entertainment Network.

          If you are incensed that a large number of horror authors blocked or unfriended you on social media — DAYS BEFORE WE REPORTED ON THE CONTROVERSY — then I suggest you re-examine why. But since you are adamant that you are not a member of that community and don’t write it, I’m not sure why you care anyway.

          I’ve said all I have to say. Good day.

    2. Just one question, Mr Bernardara. What evidence have you to back up your Laymon comment?

  4. Here’s another good padcast by someone different about Bernardara:

    What is most amazing is how clueless he are about his own psychopathy. He really thinks he’s the victim and everyone is out to get him, he exaggerates other people’s reactions and downplays his own, and he doesn’t seem to understand why people want him to stay far away from them.

    Yeah, Will, you’re a real champion for women. Your “faketits” user pic sure supports that. So does your own admission of assaulting a woman but grabbing her and roughly turning her around.

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