Harry was a freelance fixer for various criminal enterprises. He left that all behind years ago for his partner, Andrew, and their daughter, Katie. But after suffering horrible burns in a fire, Harry suspects that he’s cheated death one too many times, and soon, he’ll have to pay his due. He just didn’t expect the bill to be delivered by his old associates, who have one more job for him. If the fire didn’t kill Harry, this job will…unless his own past kills him first.

DEAD MAN LIVING is a new crime novella by me, serialized exclusively on my Patreon.

For $1 a month, you get a new chapter each month of two ongoing serials — DEAD MAN LIVING and THE SEVEN: THE LABYRINTH, Book 1, a novel that unveils the secrets of my mythos and features characters from various books teaming up in one giant cage match to decide the fate of the universe, the multiverse, and reality itself. Some chapters have their own monthly appendix (posted separately) which links readers to previous books or stories for reference.

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