To celebrate the forthcoming release of Mary SanGiovanni’s BEHIND THE DOOR, Brian Keene Radio will be featuring a Mary SanGiovanni Marathon this weekend, beginning at 5pm (EST) Friday and running through Sunday night. The marathon will feature music personally programmed by Mary, every episode of her Cosmic Shenanigans podcast, her selected apperances on other shows such as Three Guys With Beards and The Horror Show with Brian Keene, archival audio, and much more.

Brian Keene Radio is available for FREE on your phone or computer. (Note: The music we play is streamed via Spotify so that the arists will recieve royalties).

Click here if you’re listening via Windows Media Player, iTunes, iPhone, WinAmp, or VLC.

Click here if you’re listening via an M3U format media player.

Click here if you’re listening via an MP3 media player.

Or, use the embedded media player below:

Again… it’s free, it’s playing 24/7, and it’s on right now!

Tune in to the Mary SanGiovanni Marathon, starting 5pm this Friday. And don’t forget to order BEHIND THE DOOR, available for pre-order on Kindle and in paperback.


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