Due to popular demand, I’ve added a new Patreon tier.

$2 per month unlocks in-depth essays offering step-by-step advice for writers: how to find an agent, how to outline, how to pitch, how to stay focused, how to create a literary estate, etc.

If you’re already a $1 per month supporter who is only interested in THE SEVEN: THE LABYRINTH, BOOK ONE, no worries. You will still continue to get it for $1 per month.

Supporters who upgrade to this new $2 tier will gain access to the Advice For Writers essays, and also have access to THE SEVEN: THE LABYRINTH, BOOK ONE, as well.

Supporters who have elected the $5 and $10 tiers will have access to both of these, along with their other monthly electives (Behind The Scenes and Short Stories).

Click here to get started. First essay later this week!