MONSTERS AND ANIMALS is the long-awaited two-novella prequel to J. F. Gonzalez’s seminal extreme horror novel SURVIVOR.

MONSTERS was completed before his death ANIMALS was half-completed, and was finished by his frequent collaborator Wrath James White (following J.F.’s notes).

The novellas, published together in one paperback volume, are now available in paperback and for Kindle. (There is also a limited edition hardcover and Nook edition forthcoming).

MONSTERS – In one family’s home there is a section of the basement locked-up. After their mother doesn’t come home and their drunk dad refuses to contact the authorities, the kids take it upon themselves to uncover their family’s secrets. What they find is more disturbing than they ever could have imagined.

ANIMALS – In New York City, there is an underground S&M scene where any decadent and depraved pleasure can be had for a price. When a young man gets caught up in the scene and disappears, his friends go in search. But their path will lead them to the darkest pits of human desire.

MONSTERS AND ANIMALS — two novella prequels to the cult favorite hardcore horror masterpiece SURVIVOR. This edition also includes an Introduction by Brian Keene and two more bonus stories, “Shooting Schedule” and “Mabel’s Recipes,” that further explore the world of SURVIVOR.

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