Hardcovers of HOLE IN THE WORLD are up for preorder.

An hour ago, they were nineteen strangers on an airport shuttle, braving travel delays and a freak blizzard. Then they fell through a hole in the world. Now, they are nineteen strangers trapped in a dangerous dimension filled with prehistoric monsters, futuristic technology, and otherworldly mysteries. They’ll have to learn to work together if they want to survive and return home…but will any of them be left alive by then?

Thunderstorm Books is proud to present HOLE IN THE WORLD — a weird fantasy prequel to Brian Keene’s popular THE LOST LEVEL series.

Yes, this is a prequel to THE LOST LEVEL series, but you can read it as a stand-alone, with no previous knowledge of the other books.

HOLE IN THE WORLD is limited to 168 signed and numbered collector’s edition hardcovers. $65. CLICK HERE TO PREORDER


  1. I love stories of people on airplanes ending up in strange situations and mysterious worlds. I think it is because of Stephen king’s “The Langoliers” and also the Twilight Zone had several episodes dealing with the subject!!

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