Frequently Asked Questions 2018

Being an annual round-up of Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My local bookstore or comic book store doesn’t have your stuff! Where can I buy them? Also, is there a list of everything you’ve ever published?

A: Sure. Here is a list of every book I’ve ever published and where you can buy them. Here is a list of every comic I’ve ever written and where you can buy them. Here is a list of all audiobook adaptations and where you can buy them. These lists are updated regularly.

Q: I’d like to interview you. How can I get in touch?

A: You can inquire to, however, please note that I severely limit the amount of interviews I do these days, due to time constraints. I’m not interested in questions that can be answered via Wikipedia or a simple perusal of this website.

Q: I’d like to book you for a signing at my store, an appearance at my convention, to speak at my college or library. Who should I contact?

A: Inquire to Appearance fees, guarantees, speaking fees, travel and lodging expenses are negotiated on an individual case-by-case basis, and indeed, might not be required at all, depending on the event.

Q: I sent you an email and you didn’t respond.

A: I apologize. Probably better to Tweet me. I average 150 to 200 new emails per day. That’s not counting spam. 150 to 200 new emails land in my inbox each and every day. Priority is given to business emails and inquiries outlined above. Everything else? I answer what I can, when I can. If you didn’t receive a response, it probably got buried. Try re-sending, or better yet, hit me up on Twitter.

Q: I’d like to mail you my book, CD, comic, letter, art. How do I do that?

A: Things can be mailed to Brian Keene PO Box 281 Craley, PA 17312. The box is checked once per week. Please note that I no longer sign books or other items through the mail. (A few bad apples have spoiled that for everyone). Please note that nothing sent to that address will be returned. I accept no responsibility for lost or damaged packages. Items sent postage due will be refused, as will registered or certified mail.

Q: So, if I can’t get my books signed through the mail, how can I get you to sign them?

A: I sign at various appearances every year. In 2016 I did an extensive cross-country book signing tour. Here’s a list of where I’m signing in 2018. If you attend one of those events, I’m happy to sign your books.

If you live in Central Pennsylvania, and you are a SUBSCRIBER at one of Comix Connection’s two stores, you can also request to have your books signed. Drop off one or two books at Comix Connection, along with specific instructions as to how you’d like them signed. Also be sure to give them your subscriber box number (which is why this applies to subscribers only). Comix Connection then puts your books in my subscriber box. When I come in to pick up my comics, I sign your books, and then Comix Connection puts them back in your box. You thank them by continuing to shop in their stores.

Q: What’s THE DOOR and when can we learn more about it?

A: THE DOOR is the codename for a project I’m involved with heavily for 2018. My official title is showrunner. I’m overseeing a writers room composed of myself, Richard Chizmar, Michelle Garza, Melissa Lason, and Stephen Kozeniewski. It is a serialized prose fiction series, based on an existing property, and will be available on a platform similar to Netflix in October. That’s all I can say without violating any non-disclosure agreements, so please don’t ask. When folks ask for more details, and I can’t tell them, it makes me feel like a dick. Suffice to say, we’ll be working hard on it throughout the spring and summer, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy it.

Q: What’s going on with Maelstrom?

A: We didn’t release a Maelstrom set for 2017. That’s because both Thunderstorm books and myself wanted to focus instead on the collectors edition of CLICKERS FOREVER: A TRIBUTE TO J.F. GONZALEZ. With that book now in production, I can happily confirm that yes, Maelstrom will return for 2018.

Q: Will you ever start Blogging again? I miss your essays.

A: Probably not. I do write a mini-essay of sorts each week for my free newsletter, but I’ve found that I vastly prefer the medium of podcasting these days. My podcast, The Horror Show with Brian Keene, had over 200,000 downloads for 2017. The topics I talk about on there are the same things I’d be blogging about. It’s free to listen to via iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, or right from your computer. So if you miss my Blogging, try giving it a listen. I also co-host a second podcast (with Christopher Golden) called Defenders Dialogue. That second podcast will appeal to folks who read Marvel Comics back in the Seventies and Eighties.

Q: Why hasn’t INSERT BOOK TITLE OF YOUR CHOICE been turned into a movie yet?

A: I am always bemused by this question. I would love it if all of my over-forty books were turned into movies. That would be a nice payday. Unfortunately, I have no control over these things.

I can tell you that the film adaptation of DARK HOLLOW is not dead, but it is in development hell. I can tell you that there are tentative goings on for KILL WHITEY and THE CAGE. I can tell you that a studio is mulling over a series based on KING OF THE BASTARDS and THRONE OF THE BASTARDS. I can tell you that every year, somebody approaches me wanting to option THE RISING, but then they invariably decide it’s too expensive to make.

But take heart. GHOUL, THE NAUGHTY LIST, FAST ZOMBIES SUCK, THE TIES THAT BIND, and I’M DREAMING OF A WHITE DOOMSDAY all exist in film form, and there are more to come.

Q: Are you really working on a fifth book in THE RISING series?

A: Yes. It’s called THE FALL, and it takes place immediately after the events of CITY OF THE DEAD, and simultaneously alongside the events of THE RISING: SELECTED SCENES FROM THE END OF THE WORLD.

Q: What are some of the books we can look forward to seeing this year?

A: CLICKERS FOREVER: A TRIBUTE TO J.F. GONZALEZ (hardcover, paperback, and ebook), WHITE FIRE (paperback and ebook), RETURN TO THE LOST LEVEL (paperback and ebook), HOLE IN THE WORLD (hardcover), END OF THE ROAD (hardcover), THE FALLEN (graphic novel), LOVE LETTERS FROM A NIHILIST: THE COMPLETE SHORT FICTION OF BRIAN KEENE VOL. 3 (paperback and ebook), CURSE OF THE BASTARDS (with Steven L. Shrewsbury – hardcover), and a few surprises.

Q: What are you working on in 2018?

A: Besides the aforementioned THE DOOR and THE FALL, I am currently working on SUBURBAN GOTHIC, INVISIBLE MONSTERS, THE MOTEL AT THE END OF THE WORLD, FUCKED (with Bryan Smith), DEAD AIR, FINAL RETREAT (with J.F. Gonzalez), an untitled autobiography, and THE SEVEN: THE LABYRINTH BOOK 1.

I am also overseeing J.F. Gonzalez’s literary estate. That is why I am so behind on my own work. 2018 will see half a dozen posthumous releases from him.

Thank you. In closing, here’s a picture of me that relates to THE DOOR…

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    1. Have a bunch of Lifetimer stuff ready to go (spanning Complex to DC House of Horror). Waiting for funds to ship them all (which should be February). With some of the Gonzalez estate stuff out of the way now, one of my main goals for this year is to get caught back up on LS stuff.

        1. Absolutely, my friend. Thanks to you (and the other Lifetimers) for your patience. In truth, I don’t think jesus or myself ever realized just how much work overseeing each others estates would be.

          1. Hey Brian its Dawson Parkin. Jason Parkin’s son I found one of my dads book from you and i love it its Unhappy Endings.

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