This Monday, September 25, is the final order cutoff for DC HOUSE OF HORROR #1. That’s the day comic book stores must place their order for the books. They will place those orders based on how many customers pre-ordered the comic.

DC HOUSE OF HORROR #1 features myself (Justice League, John Constantine and Harley Quinn), Edward Lee (Superman), Mary SanGiovanni (Wonder Woman), Bryan Smith (Harley Quinn), Nick Cutter (Batman), Wrath James White (Two-Face), Weston Ochse (Shazam), and Ronald Malfi (Green Arrow), paired with artists Rags Morales, Bilquis Evely, Howard Porter, Scott Kolins, and Dale Eaglesham. It also features the maniacal Keith Giffen riding herd over us all.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you pre-order this comic from your local comic book store. Due to the distribution system in place, there is a 50/50 chance comic book stores will actually have a copy on the shelf release day UNLESS YOU PRE-ORDER IT FROM THEM. To do so, simply walk into your local comic book store and say, “Hello. I would like to pre-order DC HOUSE OF HORROR, and the order code is AUG170272.”

It’s that easy. And if you don’t have a local comic book store in your vicinity, you can order online from TFAW and have it shipped directly to you.

DC editorial have told us that if the book sells well enough, this will become a regular, monthly thing. That means you’ll see HORROR return to DC Comics. If you want to make that happen, then please, please, please pre-order.