Borderlands Press, in collaboration with Gauntlet Press, offer you the collectible book of the year! Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Brian Keene, and Doctor Who!

NOTHING O’CLOCK by Neil Gaiman : A Doctor Who Novella

When the BBC enlisted a variety of bestselling British authors to a collection celebrating “the twelve doctors” of their Doctor Who series, they included Neil Gaiman in the mix. Gaiman contributed a novella entitled “Nothing O’Clock” which depicts Doctor Who with the task of saving all of time and space from slipping off into abject nothingness. Fans of both the Doctor Who series and the whimsical genius of Neil Gaiman will be charmed by his unique contribution to the canon.

Joe Hill has written an Afterword for the Deluxe and Lettered Editions.

Brian Keene has written an Appreciation to the Lettered Edition

There will be three states of the book:

A Limited Numbered Edition signed by Neil Gaiman — $50

A Deluxe Limited Edition signed by Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill — $200

A Lettered Edition signed by Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, & Brian Keene — $350


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