This week marks the anniversary of J.F Gonzalez’s death (which, if you’ve been reading my weekly End of the Road column, is something you know I still struggle with). To mark the anniversary, I thought perhaps fans of his work might appreciate an update.

February of this year saw the release of RETREAT, his final full-length solo novel. It is currently available in paperback and digital.

This morning, I’ve finished edits on the two planned novella-length prequels to SURVIVOR, which was unarguably his most popular novel. The first of these prequels, MONSTERS, was completed by Jesus just a few weeks before he got ill. The second prequel, ANIMALS, was half completed.

Jesus left behind an outline of what he’d planned for ANIMALS, and the estate enlisted Wrath James White to finish the novella. Wrath and Jesus were dear friends, and had collaborated together before, so it was a natural fit. As this is a prequel to SURVIVOR, fans will expect a certain level of extreme horror, and Wrath is better suited to fill that role than anyone else Jesus ever collaborated with. In short, he was the best person for the job.

And wow, he delivered. This morning, I have signed off on the editorial notes for both MONSTERS and ANIMALS. They will be published early next year by Sinister Grin Press. This is a deal that Jesus already had in place when he died. It was his desire to see the two prequels published together in a single volume. More-so, he’d hoped to see them published in the style and manner of the old Ace Doubles.

So, look forward to those from Sinister Grin. With that project completed, I’ll be turning my attention to CLICKERS FOREVER, a tribute anthology in the spirit of Karl Edward Wagner’s EXORCISMS AND ECSTASIES. Featuring a long-lost Clickers story by Jesus himself, the book will also feature fiction, non-fiction, and remembrances from some of the biggest names in horror. There will be Clickers stories (Gene O’Neill’s Hunter S. Thompson versus Clickers is worth the price of admission alone), non-Clickers stories featuring elements from the rest of his mythos, essays about his work and impact (such as an examination of THE CORPORATION by Nick Mamatas and a remembrance of Jesus’s involvement with the halcyon days of the Splatterpunks by David J. Schow and John Skipp — with additional commentary from Jesus himself), and much more.

After that, there are one or two non-fiction collections, at least one or two more short story collections (possibly more than that), and at least one unfinished novel (RETREAT II, which I am currently finishing based on the outline and notes he left behind). There are a number of other unfinished novels and short stories, including an autobiographical novel that Jesus had worked on for years, code-named EL PASO, which would have been his magnum opus.

Expect word on much of that next year, but for now, know that MONSTERS and ANIMALS are forthcoming, as is CLICKERS FOREVER. And there will definitely be more to follow.


  1. Wow, I knew some unfinished stories were going to be out eventually, but I had no idea there was this much stuff that we would see. J.F. is very lucky to have friends like this and it’s great that his Legacy is being preserved. I, myself haven’t read too many of J.F.’s books (besides all the Clickers books) but, have Retreat ready for action on my Kindle. Is his lost clicker story a collaboration between both of you or is this something that just wasn’t published until now?

  2. Thanks for the update. I look forward to all the new books since I collected all of J F’s writings. Is there a chance of J F’s Voyeur by Angel Garcia being reprinted?

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