This is an activation of the Maelstrom Early Warning System. As we do every year, this is your advance warning that pre-orders for the next Maelstrom set will begin in a few weeks. If you are planning on purchasing a set, put aside your money now.

The 2016 Maelstrom set will include:

THRONE OF THE BASTARDS by Brian Keene and Steven L. Shrewsbury
Rogan is back in this sequel to Brian Keene and Steven L. Shrewsbury’s award-winning KING OF THE BASTARDS, and this time, he’ll show no mercy. Learning that his family are in danger, Rogan returns to his former kingdom, now under siege from foreign invaders led by his bastard son. Now, the aging barbarian and his trusted companions, Javan and Akibeel, must forge an alliance new friends and old foes, mustering an army to retake the kingdom. Surrounded by savages, soldiers, demons, and dark magic, it will take all their cunning, skill, and courage to survive the war and determine once and for all who shall sit upon the THRONE OF THE BASTARDS.

SCHOOL’S OUT by Brian Keene
Eight-year-old Alan doesn’t like going to school, but when a global pandemic leaves him orphaned, cold, starving, and lonely, he has no choice but to set out on a dangerous quest to return to his third-grade classroom. SCHOOL’S OUT, an all-new post-apocalyptic novella by Brian Keene, was suggested to him by his son, marking their first official collaboration, and is suitable for all ages.

COME TO DUST by Bracken MacLeod
Ever since her mother abandoned her, five-year-old Sophie has had to depend on her uncle Mitch for everything. But he’s struggling. Restarting a life interrupted by time in prison is hard enough without having to balance work and single parenthood. Mitch is determined to make it work though, striving to keep their family together despite the obstacles in their way, because no matter how difficult things get, they are good for each other. And life for the two of them seems to be looking up. But when Sophie dies tragically, it all comes crashing down. Mitch descends into a crippling grief, coming to understand how little his freedom means without her to share it with. And though released from the sudden responsibility thrust upon him, all he wants is his niece back, safe and alive.

When he gets his wish and scores of children around the world begin to inexplicably rise from the dead—Sophie among them—everything becomes much harder.

Mitch rescues her from the morgue, determined to carve out a normal life for them no matter what, though it soon becomes clear that may not be possible. While the kids who’ve returned behave like living children, they still look very dead. And they can do something else that normal children cannot. Something terrifying. Beliefs differ whether the children’s return is a mercy or a sign of approaching judgment, and a congregation of religious fanatics determined to usher in the apocalypse has their own plan for salvation.

Now Mitch must find a way to save Sophie from an increasingly hostile world that wants to tear them apart and put her back in the ground for good.

PRE-ORDERS COMING SOON. Readers interested in purchasing a signed, limited-edition set are advised to put aside the money now.

This concludes this broadcast of the Maelstrom Early Warning System.


  1. B-man how the hell are ya sir? Question for you man, are these books going to be sold individually as well? To dive a little deeper, when are they going to be available on my Kindle? The sequel to the king of the bastards came out pretty darn quick! It was a very awesome book and definitely look forward to this sequel coming out. It’s like a way better version of Game of Thrones. Now if only Khaleesi were there. (Pretty sure that’s not how you spell her name)

      1. Got it! Can I borrow some funds to get this set? Just kidding (kinda) gonna save my nickels and dimes then sir! Thank you and hope all is going well for you and yours!

  2. Hey dude it’s me again. About the school’s Out book… That sounds awesome. My 12 year old daughter loves scary stuff but I don’t let her read your books. I tell her a censored version of your stories when I’m finished with them. She’s been begging me to read one of your books for a while now but I just can’t bring myself to allow her to do so. And now here comes School’s Out by Brian and his son, that’s f****** awesome. Finally she can read something from you to get the true flavor of your stories!!!

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