Maelstrom is my own imprint via Thunderstorm Books. Each year, we release one set consisting of a novel-length work by myself, a novella-length work by myself, and a novel-length work by an author whom I think deserves a wider audience among book collectors. In past years, that has included Livia Llewellyn, Chesya Burke, Amber Fallon, Rachel Autumn Deering, John Urbancik, Geoff Cooper, Kelli Owen, John Goodrich, and more.

Subscribers to my free, weekly email newsletter know that the line-up for this year’s Maelstrom set has been in a state of flux. Today, I am happy to announce the finalized set:

THRONE OF THE BASTARDS by Steven L. Shrewsbury & Brian Keene – A horror/sword & sorcery sequel to KING OF THE BASTARDS.

SCHOOL’S OUT by Brian Keene – A post-apocalyptic novella told from the point-of-view of an eight-year-old (and pitched to me by my own eight-year-old son).

COME TO DUST by Bracken MacLeod – Bracken’s writing has been getting some mainstream notice and there’s a lot of buzz for his forthcoming novel, STRANDED, but readers among the book collecting subset aren’t yet familiar with him. That’s going to change this winter.

As always, we will give the public a minimum of two week’s notice before pre-orders begin, so that you can set money aside. THIS IS NOT THAT NOTICE. This is simply letting you know what this year’s books will be.


  1. Sounds good B-man! I will be on stand by waiting for these wonderful items. On another note….. have you caught Stranger Things on Neflix? I guarantee you would really like it. It reminded me of Goodies mixed with Stand by me topped with your story of childhood friends who face some scary things…..damn I can’t think of the title…. the Goul is it? (It’s very early…no coffee yet)anywho..have a great day mah friend!

      1. That’s cool, I think I realized today the closer I respond to a post of yours the better chance I’ll have hearing back from ya! Until Ob wears a dress…make Marvel mine!

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