UNEARTHED by Richard Chizmar, Brian Keene, and Ray Garton is on sale now in paperback and for Kindle. Featuring…

Roses and Raindrops by Richard Chizmar and Brian Keene – A delivery to the old house on the edge of town haunts a man with horror and possibility.

The Sculptor by Richard Chizmar and Ray Garton – An artist in a dry spell awakes to find fresh stone in his home calling to be carved. Inspiration arrives, but at what cost?

Available in paperback for just $14.99 and Kindle for just $2.99


  1. Yay! A out of no where, kinda a book by Dr. KEENE! It’s always nice to have stuff that pops up out of the blue from ya! I’ve been running low on my reading stock pile as of late. If you have a quick minute, can you throw me some recommendations? I know your pretty busy latley and appreciate when you respond to my fan boy questions. Oh yeah, B-man, when you said Earthworm God’s will be in your Patron monthly book, does that mean there won’t be a 4th book in the series?

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