Today there are several updates for fans of THE LOST LEVEL (which has been available in paperback and ebook for the last year).

Due to popular demand, a signed, limited-edition hardcover of THE LOST LEVEL will be available from Thunderstorm Books early next month.

Thunderstorm Books will also be releasing a signed, limited-edition chapbook called THE CHINESE BEETLE — a brand-new short story set in the world of THE LOST LEVEL and starring Aaron and Kasheena. This story takes place between THE LOST LEVEL and the forthcoming sequel RETURN TO THE LOST LEVEL.

The first draft of that sequel, RETURN TO THE LOST LEVEL, is finished. I’m working on the second draft now and hope to hand it to my pre-readers by the end of the month. It will be published in paperback and ebook later this year by Apex Book Company, with a signed, limited-edition hardcover to follow from Thunderstorm Books a year after the paperback’s release). In RETURN TO THE LOST LEVEL, Aaron, Kasheena, the tribe, and their new friend Ambrose Bierce wage war with the Anunnaki, and take the fight right to the heart of the Reptilian’s city.

An associated novel, HOLE IN THE WORLD, is also nearing completion. I have roughly three chapters to go on the first draft. HOLE IN THE WORLD is set in The Lost Level, but features different characters and takes place at a time before the events of THE LOST LEVEL novel. It will be published first as a signed limited-edition hardcover by Camelot Books, followed by a paperback and ebook release from Apex Book Company.


  1. That’s quite a few goodies coming soon, can’t wait. The Lost level is an awesome book!

  2. I really dug this story. Total immersion from start to finish. The imagery often reminded me of Farmer’s World of Tiers. I look forward to revisiting this world in the upcoming sequel.

  3. Is there a date for the next book yet???
    Loved the Last Level………….better than the originals in my opinion.

  4. i cant wait for the new books on the lost level series absolutly brilliant when are they due out ,can,t wait

    1. brian keene books are superb to read ,when is the new books on the lost level series due out ,i only started reading his books this year shame there so short ,brilliant writer, i can hardly put books down

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