1. Great essay, Brian!

    I remember meeting you at the Davis Kidd in Jackson, TN back in 2005 prior to Hypericon. What a blast!

    Take care,

  2. Hey B-man, hope the trip is going well for you. I just read your first entry on the road. Your words take me out of reality every time I sit down with something of yours. It doesn’t even have to be a novel or anything like that. I truly enjoy how you write and word things. Your words bring me hope that I too will be able to complete the things I want to before it’s to late. Yes, your words can be sad sometimes and that’s okay. You are a constant reminder to cherish the ones I love and to take time and just enjoy things. I recently lost my brother to suicide and didn’t take it well. I was mad and jaded for a while. Your words have been a big help through this. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with myself. It’s not fun. I have bad ADHD and worse anxiety problems. I get scared sometimes and don’t know why. Certain things make me cry at the drop of a hat and feel bad about certain things that I’ve experienced in my life. A touch of hopelessness always seems to be present. The older I get the more I freak out. Through all this I try really hard to be the person my children think I am. It’s tough. People remember you from their perspective, not how you view yourself. I want people to remember me for being a good guy. Someone who would drop things to help them out. Who was nice and caring and loved his family very much. I know I’ll never get to the point where I say “I’ve done good and I can finally calm down now”. But you know what? I will get as damn close as I can. I’ve have thanked you before in previous posts, but I hope I can shake your hand soon and thank you in person. Remember me by the person who calls you B-man! When we are face to face I’ll remind you that it’s me! I try to respond every time you post something. I try to make me response meaningful. Not just a “good job Brian, can’t wait for that”. Or ” Hey I can relate to that”. I don’t think it’s worth even posting if it doesn’t hold some weight. Anyway, when you make your way to California, I will be here to thank you. I won’t take up much of your time (I would probably be pretty nervous anyway to be comfortable) but I look very forward to it. Hang in there man. Your doing great! Enjoy your road time to the max!

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