For a long time, the only audiobook versions of my work that have been available are THE RISING, CITY OF THE DEAD, CASTAWAYS, URBAN GOTHIC, DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN, and A GATHERING OF CROWS.

I am happy to announce that I have signed a deal with Crossroads Press, who will be releasing the following titles in audiobook format over the coming year: THE COMPLEX, DEAD SEA, ENTOMBED, EARTHWORM GODS, EARTHWORM GODS II: DELUGE, EARTHWORM GODS: SELECTED SCENES FROM THE END OF THE WORLD, DARK HOLLOW, GHOST WALK, LAST OF THE ALBATWITCHES, ALONE, THE GIRL ON THE GLIDER, SCRATCH, AN OCCURRENCE IN CRAZY BEAR VALLEY, THE RISING: SELECTED SCENES FROM THE END OF THE WORLD, and THE RISING: DELIVERANCE. Voice talents will include Chet Williamson and Scott Weinberg.

Releases will kick off with the audiobook adaptation of THE COMPLEX, currently in production.


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