This week kicks off the start of what I’m calling the 2016 FAREWELL (BUT NOT REALLY) TOUR, promoting new novels THE COMPLEX and PRESSURE. We begin this weekend in Provo, Utah and we end on December 31st in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

You can find a list of cities and states here. There are still more appearances to be added to that list (Texas, Ohio and Illinois for example). There will also be surprise, unscheduled pop-up signings across the country. These will be announced via Twitter and Facebook. (For example, let’s say I pass a bookstore in Kansas or stop at a Starbucks in Nebraska, and I’ve got two hours to kill, I’ll Tweet the location and invite folks to show up for the next two hours).

Oh, and tour t-shirts should be available from Skurvy Ink very soon. Meanwhile, check out some of their other Brian Keene t-shirts.

Why is it called the FAREWELL (BUT NOT REALLY) TOUR? Because this is the last time I’ll ever embark on an extensive signing tour like this. I used to do them all the time. That became harder, as years passed and I grew older and health problems became a concern. To be blunt, health problems are a concern heading into this, and I’m already anticipating the toll it will take on me, but I’m determined to do it anyway, because I miss you guys, and it will be nice to see all of you one more time. In the words of Prince, “we could all die any day…”

Now, I’ve no plans to die. There are some things I’d like to finish first. But when it seems like your friends keep dying, and your pop culture icons keep dying, and your own health problems are becoming more and more of a daily concern… you gotta suck it up and be a realist. And realistically, this may be your last chance to get a book signed by me. It probably won’t be. But it could be. And regardless, I won’t be out on the road this long ever again. That’s not fair to my sons, or to me.

So… farewell, but not really. But just in case, farewell. Hope to see you on the road this year.


  1. I hope your health holds up for this trip. Actually, it would be great if it improved. I last saw you in Cheyenne. Damn, it’s been a while. I live in Georgia now. Viva la tour.


  2. Hey Brian,

    Thanks so much for doing the tour in the first place. I remember seeing you and JF and Mike Oliveri at Borderlands Books in San Francisco years ago. It was only a brief signing and I was totally the flustered nerd that I couldn’t even remember the name of THE RISING but I enjoyed the reading.

    Anyway, I’m hoping to catch you at both Borderlands Books and at Dark Delicacies. I was wondering if you knew what books you are planning on selling at the locations. I have COMPLEX but still need PRESSURE. I want to pick up something to support each store but don’t want to end up with too many duplicates if I can help it. And if I do, then the unsigned ones will end up going to friends.

  3. i am going to try to make it to the signing in Augusta, GA. it’s almost a 3 hour drive for me and i will have to see if i can take the day off from work but if i can make it, let me be the first to offer to buy you lunch.

        1. Okay, yeah, that’s probably going to be the closest one (I wanted to see if you’d be anywhere near any of the unannounced pop-up signing locations).

          1. yeah, looking at your schedule of appearances, i didn’t think it would make much sense for you to be coming any closer than that. i’ll let you know a week or two before the signing if i’m definitely going to be able to make it. will that work?

          2. hey Brian, hope you see this here. I do, in fact, have those days off from work so I will be making the sojourn to Augusta on July 20th barring any unforeseen complications. My offer of lunch before the signing still stands if you are interested and I also offer to volunteer in helping you and your posse with any setup before the signing or coffee/snack runs during the signing.

  4. ok, so just did a double check and saw that the signing starts at 6PM. that may make it a tad more difficult seeing as i will have to drive back home afterwards, but if you are there early enough, my offer of lunch (or an early dinner before the signing) still stands.

  5. Brian, I am a longtime fan/reader and I also happen to work for the Morgantown, WV newspaper, The Dominion Post. I would like to help get the word out about your tour stop in July. I do not work in the editorial department, but I do have some influence at the paper. If inclined, please email me at the address required for posting (I’m assuming you can see it) and let me know how I can help.

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