Over on Patreon, I’ve got a serialized novel called THE SEVEN: THE LABYRINTH BOOK ONE. A new chapter gets posted every month. Pledge one dollar a month and you can read it. All of the previous chapters are archived there, as well. Currently in the novel, Teddy from EARTHWORM GODS, Frankie from THE RISING, Tony from CLICKERS, The Exit from THE COMPLEX, Nelson LeHorn from DARK HOLLOW, Bloom from “Babylon Falling”, and Lucifer the Morningstar are in the ISIS-infested badlands between Iraq, Syria, and Libya, facing off against one of the Thirteen.

If that gets you excited, then head on over to my Patreon page, pledge one dollar (or more) per month, and start reading now.

While you are there, you should check out Project iRadio’s Patreon page, as well. Project iRadio is, of course, the network that hosts my weekly podcast, THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE. If you pledge two dollars per month, you can win autographed show notes from episodes of my podcast. These are one of a kind items.

But wait! There’s more! When Project iRadio’s Patreon page hits $400 a month in pledges, all subscribers will receive a free, brand-new, original short story written by me.

If these things get you excited, then head on over to the Project iRadio Patreon page, bid two dollars (or more) per month, and be the envy of your friends.

Seriously. Think about that. Three bucks per month. Everybody has three bucks per month. And for three bucks per month, you can read my magnum opus novel as it is written, a brand new original shot story by me, and win signed stuff by me, as well.


  1. Hold on B-man, Babylon falling? What is that? If it’s in yer short story collection I should have it. Why am I drawing a blank on that one? (I did just wake up)mind…..foggy….. (not Daredevil foggy) uhh…. what’s that one about? Glad your up and about. I missed ya mah friend! (What is that book about?)

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