We’re just a week away from the paperback and eBook release of THE COMPLEX (and just a month away from the year long “Sort-Of-Farewell” Signing Tour in support of both THE COMPLEX and PRESSURE). What better way to celebrate than by sporting one of these awesome THE COMPLEX t-shirts from Skurvy Ink? Click on the image below to purchase (and don’t forget about their THE RISING and EARTHWORM GODS t-shirts, as well)!



  1. Awesome shirt! I ordered a “worm” shirt when you posted about that! How long does it take to get them….? I’ve been waiting it seems like forever!

    P.s. the deer head in the set for the movie looks like the one from evil dead 2, was that on purpose? It awesome as well!

    1. Kenny — I don’t know, brother. I would think maybe it takes 4 weeks at most? But I’m not a rep of the company, so that’s just guess work on my part. I’d drop them an email via their website and ask. Could be it got lost.

  2. Hey B-man, quick question.. I never heard about the results of the Rising 5 and the final amount made on Kickstarter..?

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