This week’s chapter of THE SEVEN: THE LABYRINTH, BOOK ONE (which will be posted near the end of the week), marks the end of part two of this serial novel. Part three, which starts next month, sees Teddy, Frankie, Tony, LeHorn, Bloom, the Exit, and Lucifer fight their first battle in the final war against The Thirteen, as they take on Kandara in the lawless, blasted wastes of Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

If you haven’t been reading THE SEVEN: THE LABYRINTH, BOOK ONE, now is a perfect time to start. All of the previous chapters are available online so you can easily get caught up. New chapters are also available online, and delivered to your email, as well. It only costs one dollar per month. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE AND START READING IMMEDIATELY.


  1. Sounds good B-man, I’m signing up after work today….. Hey say the final results for kick starter and it hit just over 17,000… does that mean no Rising 5 is gonna happen?

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