ALL DARK, ALL THE TIME: THE COMPLETE SHORT FICTION OF BRIAN KEENE, VOLUME 2 is now available on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo for just $4.99. Paperback editions will follow in about 7 days.

ALL DARK, ALL THE TIME is the second book in a series collecting all of Brian Keene’s short fiction. Included in this volume are such critically-acclaimed and fan favorite stories as “The Girl on the Glider”, “Fetish”, “The Siqqusim Who Stole Christmas”, “Scratch”, “Lost Canyon of the Dead”, and many more. These are stories about darkness. The darkness outside of us, surrounding us, and the darkness inside the human soul. ALL DARK, ALL THE TIME — and morning is never coming.

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It should also be noted that to celebrate this release, eBook editions of BLOOD ON THE PAGE: THE COMPLETE SHORT FICTION OF BRIAN KEENE, VOLUME 1 are on sale for just $2.99 — half of their normal price. (Note: There will be a delay in this price change on Nook, as Nook is still a terribly inefficient system with more technical problems and slower load times than a Geocities website circa 1999. Apologies to Nook users in advance, but really, maybe make the switch to Kindle or Kobo so I can quit uploading things to Nook altogether and save myself headaches like the one their system has been giving me for the last 48 hours. Thanks. Your pal, Brian Keene).

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  1. Hey B-man, it’s been a rough couple of days around here (funeral preperations, etc.) But I read your post this morning and picked up vol. 2 of your short story collection. I’m about a quarter of the way through and wanted to give praise for your excellent work my friend. Your books above all bring me comfort through these hard times. Thank you. Talk to ya soon sir.

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