So, THE NAUGHTY LIST Kickstarter was successful. We needed approximately $9,000 USD and raised approximately $21,000 USD. That means Paul, Michelle, myself, and the rest of the team must be jumping for joy, right?

Well, no. Cautious joy is more like it. It was joy, but then ten percent of the pledges failed, totaling over 8,000 British pounds. For whatever reason, the credit/debit cards used to make those pledges failed to go through. In most cases, we are finding that the individual financial institutions flagged the transactions for possible fraud, because of the conversion from US dollars to British pounds. In all of these cases, the cardholder needs to contact their bank and verify that the charge is legit. Then it will go through. Hopefully, most people will do this. But we have to factor in that some will not. And thus, even though the Kickstarter was successful, we don’t yet know what the final amount raised will be.

That means we can’t start mailing incentives — signed comics, DVDs, shirts — or start arranging travel schedules for folks who won things like the date with me or the walking tour of locations from my novels, until we are absolutely sure those pledges successfully went through.

That also means we don’t yet know if the threshold for the fifth novel set in the world of THE RISING was met yet or not. I promised to write the book if pledges hit $20,000. And pledges hit $21,000. But until all of these declined payments are sorted, we won’t know if that number remained true.

That’s why, if you pledged to this Kickstarter campaign, it’s important that you make sure your pledge went through. We’d like to make THE NAUGHTY LIST in 18 days. And I would like to write THE RISING 5. And there are some publishers who would like me to write it, too.

In truth, I’m 90% sure both these things will happen. But I also know that as of yesterday, there were still people who were unaware that THE NAUGHTY LIST Kickstarter was even a thing, despite the fact that I’ve been talking about it EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE LAST THIRTY DAYS. That tells me people have busy lives and are forgetful. So am I. That’s why I’m reminding you now — the filmmakers will do their part and make THE NAUGHTY LIST, and I’ll do my part and write THE RISING 5, if you do your part and make sure your pledge was approved.

And then everyone will be happy.


So, what about THE RISING 5? Like I said, I’ve had the idea in my head for a number of years. Continuity-wise, it takes place after the events of CITY OF THE DEAD and during the events of the second half of THE RISING: SELECTED SCENES FROM THE END OF THE WORLD and before the events of CLICKERS VS. ZOMBIES. It involves what happens after the Siqqusim have left the planet. The survivors — what’s left of them — think they’ve caught a break, but then the real shit begins, and it makes Ob and his brethren seem nice by comparison. I have not started writing it yet (we just announced it as a Kickstarter stretch goal yesterday). And although publishers are already decided upon, we will hold off on announcing who they are or what formats it will be published in until the manuscript is completed. Suffice to say, expect it in the usual formats — limited edition hardcover, paperback, eBook, and maybe a trade hardcover and audiobook.


A friend asked me last night if I learned anything else upon the completion of this Kickstarter. Yes, I did. I learned that I’m very glad Paul and Michelle ran this one, because I do not have the temperament to do so. I learned that there are only so many ways you can promote it, and after about the tenth day of talking about it on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere, you run out of creative ways to get folks engaged. I learned that even if you talk about it for 29 days straight, there will still be a number of people who don’t seem to know about it until after the thing has ended. I learned that it’s nerve-wracking and the cause of many sleepless nights, and again — I wasn’t even the one running the campaign. But yes, I would do it again, as long as it’s like this, where I lend my name to it and somebody else is actually running the operation.


Finally, my sincere thanks to the following people for their generosity and support: Christine Siler, Nathan Filizzi, Andrea Vick, Graham Vick, Malcolm Tween, David Wigton, Kyle Lybeck, Dan Spain, Jeremy Stomberg, Ari Abraham, Mike Walters, Kel Barrass, Ross Peacock & Tod Clark, Robert Hall, Joshua Brown, John Bruni, Granny Mary, Nick Roberts, Michael Fowler, Adam Rowland, Steven, Pate Clemens,Tom Wilkinson, Justin Holley, Nils Go, Lou, Josh Viola, Joseph Pugh, Barry Skelhorn, Julie Garie, Charles Buda,Gabriel Zero, David Ruchty, Dave Rodeheaver, Doug Bolden, Fredrik Back, Richard Thomas, Jeremy Hey, Joshua Penrod, James Withers, Rich Husband, Stephen, Laird Barron,
Eddie Coulter, Laura J. Hickman, Dustin James, Robert Swartwood, Mary Fan, Paul Tremblay, Craig Dolling, Alicia Stamps, Ken Jensen, Darren Wright, Adam Love, William Jones, Stewie, Paul Legerski, Meghan Arcuri-Moran, Kevin Foster, Ali Maggs, John McGuiggan, H Micheal Casper, Kevin, Sofronis Efstathiou, Amber Fallon, Brian Kirk, Adam Cesare, Martin Roberts, Zachi Panigel, Chuck Hickson, Jonathan Echevarria, Russell Dickerson, Eric Valerio, Cj Waite, Christopher Schaefer, Efren Rodriguez, Joe, Desmond Reddick, Gina Mitchell, David G. Barnett, Doug Dobbs, Ben Sparkman, Hannah, Tim Clague, Chris Lunney, Vicki Wigton, David Wigon, Regina Tuzzolino, James Latopolski, Jonathan Echevarria, Tammy Hagon, Kimberly Mitchell, Joseph Hackney, Chris Kosarich, One Mad Guerrilla, Michael Bailey and David Low, Ashley Martin, Shannon Sporleder, Thomas Werner, Jess Roberts, Dinelle Fuller, Kenneth Kieffer, Max Dennison, William Bush, Matt Hayward, Matt Serafini, Jonathan Janz/Craig Shaeffer, Jake Lee, Christopher Schaefer, Asher Ellis, John Capel, Rachel Paterson, Robyn Luckham, Lexy Shaw Delorme, Ian R. Faulkner, William Simmonds, Richard Chasemore, John Urbancik, Michelle Martin-Richards, Paul Cullen, Jacqueline Edrupt, Lee Tibbets, Stephen Kozeniewski, Amber Fallon, Michelle Rother Lindsay, Roche Lynch, Alicia Stamps, Chris Kalley, Mike Roseingrave, Tim Love, Natalia, Lynn Coleman, Torsten Ketelsen, Rainer, Rene-the Austrian!, Ben Moody, John Rolling, John Cardy, Jeremy Thompson, Valarie Botchlet, Aaron Burdette, Scott Pohlenz and Chris, Kevin Sheehan, Weston Ochse, Paula Beauchamp, Abi Collins, Kevin Interdonato, Eric Martin, Jude Terror, Robert Dandusevski, Keith Meyers, Sabas Moreno, Tracey Ricketts, Matthew
Vaughn, Michael Withers, Jonathan Lees, Dominic Stabile, Tim Branan, Dick Grunert, Tim Wiegels, Jerome Radosh, Carl Moore, Charles Carfagno, Leo Davitt, Steve Kincheloe, Travis Lake, Matt Tutino, Don MacNaughton, Alice Deich, Tim Shoenenberger, Sherman Crow, Dan Myers, Gian Spadone, Jeremy Wagner, Lauren Neill, Aki, Dave Holdredge, Daniel Robichaud, Phil Shepherd, T.W. Piperbrook, Adam Roberts, Marie Summers, Melanie Candra, Stephan Blahut, Robert Caple, Martyn Smith, Adam Love, Manor House, Ken Jensen, Shane Raatz, Dave Thomas, Eric Martin, Jude Terror, Robert Dandusevski, Keith Meyers, Sabas Moreno, Tracey Ricketts, Matthew Vaugh, Michael Withers, Jonathan Lees, Dominic Stabile, Tim Branan, Dick Grunert, Tim Wiegels, Jerome Radosh, Carl Moore, Charles Carfagno, Leo Davitt, Steve Kincheloe, Travis Lake, Matt Tutino, Don MacNaughton, Alice Deich, Tim Shoenenberger, Sherman Crow, Dan Meyers, Gian Spadone, Jeremy Wagner, Lauren Niel, Aki, Dave Holdredge, Daniel Robichaud and Phil Shepherd.


  1. A big thanks as well to you, Paul, Michelle, and everyone else involved for putting all this together. Here’s to hoping those pledges come through!

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Just checked to see if the coin had been withdrawn and l was notified that “payment was pending.” Taking care of that now.

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