Woke this morning to reports that Mark Justice passed away. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday after going to the doctor for what he thought was his gall bladder. It turned out he’d suffered a heart attack. He was due for more testing this morning, but apparently passed overnight.

Mark’s books included LOOKING AT THE WORLD WITH BROKEN GLASS IN MY EYE and (with David Wilbanks) the DEAD EARTH series. He also ran one of the first — and best — horror fiction-centric podcasts, POD of Horror. He was also a long-time morning show disc jockey in Ashland, Kentucky. He occasionally used that morning show to promote horror fiction, featuring friends and peers like Richard Laymon, Jack Ketchum, F. Paul Wilson, Joe R. Lansdale, J.F. Gonzalez, and myself. I’ve signed in Ashland numerous times throughout the last twenty years, and Mark was always happy to have me on the show anytime I was in town. I’d been planning on seeing him again later this year as my signing tour for THE COMPLEX and PRESSURE brought me close to him once again.

He was generous and genuine, and very, very funny. He knew this genre’s history like few others. He will be missed.


  1. really great guy. I live in Ashland and you spoke highly of him when you were here signing for GHOUL. Very sad.

  2. My heart breaks as I am texting this message. Mark Justice was my second cousin. His Grandfather and my mother were brother and sister. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Norma Kaye and the rest of the family. God Bless each and everyone. RIP Mark. Love and prayers to the whole family. Gloria J. JOHNSON

    1. My condolences on your loss, Gloria. I only met Norma Kaye once, but I met his brother several times. There’s a big community of writers and readers who loved him.

  3. Mark was excited when I told him I was sending him the ARC I received for PRESSURE which we were going to showcase on the next podcast and on the website. I got the call from his aunt at 5 this morning. My heart is broken.

  4. Damn it! I truly enjoyed POH. It’s what got me into podcasts in the first place. He was a great representative of the genre and will truly be missed.

  5. “Hey, everything is not okay, we lost too much along the way!” Trenton Reznor

    When I read this the other day, I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to write the standard thing people say when one leaves this earth. I am sorry though, very sorry.
    My brother has had a very hard life. He has 5 different kids with 2 different women. He was in and out of jail & doing some really bad drugs. He thought he didn’t belong in this world anymore. He was wanted by the police, on parole and had warrents. Yesterday he was almost caught but escaped. He locked him self in someone’s she’d in their back yard after shooting at cops. Long story short, at about 3 this morning he shot him self. I’m on auto pilot right now as I write this. I have put up a wall. I find writing helps somewhat so that is why I try to post here every day. I’m not familiar with your friends work but understand the loss. It may sound like my brother was a bad fucked up person. To me he was just very lost and alone. He didn’t want to be here anymore because he thought he couldn’t redeem himself. When you are so lost, it really feels like there is no hope left. You want to be better but can’t see how you will ever get there. Of course I feel like I could have done more and was afraid for him but he forced those he loved away in the end. I will always love him and hope he knew that. I hope he is doing better know where ever he is than when he was here.

  6. now that he met his maker, he learned the evil of the satanic democrat party of which their filth and lies and un human behavior that he spewed on his podcast with liberal skank nanci kalanta

    1. If any friends, family members, or loved ones would like the home address, phone number or other contact info of “W” (who posted above) aka William Siravo, let me know.

      1. Brian, a few months have gone by. But it feels like mere days to me. Most definitely it’s those wee small hours of the morning, and I’m missing Mark with every breath. The internet search brought me here. Thank you, for your friendship and always the kind words. You know how Mark loved this great storytelling world. You especially, along with so many other wonderful writers, knew how he loved being able to share his radio passion with you all, as well. Nanci Kalanta was his best bud, and now she’s becoming a wonderful friend to me! Maybe it’s my broken heart and terrible longing to just….see him, talk to him. He truly is …Was, the Most Wonderful Man, so full of passion and …. I would just like to say to “W” that I wish for him, on his “special day and hour” that many people can describe HIM with as much respect and caring, that he gave to my husband. I will even write my name, in full, not hide behind an initial. Thank You “w” for your lovely words and thoughtfulness. Norma Kay. Mrs. Mark Justice.

  7. Just found this after I tried to download an old episode of Pod of Horror without success. I feel the way I did when Roger Ebert died. I never met him, but I knew him and I will miss him.

    1. I’m trying to get the podcasts back up. My credit card was compromised and Libsyn didn’t get paid.

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