1. Well, I have good news & bad… the good news is yesterday I received Libra Nigrum Scientia Secreta in the mail! It is awesome! Thanks again for your assistance in tracking copy #342 down! Now the bad news. I have to wait for my bad ass Earthworm God’s shirt to come in the mail… on a side note, I was able to use my new address that I’m moving into in 3 days. Now we just need the final Earthworm God’s book to come out! Don’t worry I’ll wait here till yer ready sir….

  2. Hey B-man, quick question. Does Girl on the Glider exist in paperback? I wanna buy like 4 or 5 copies (one for myself of course) and give the rest to friends and family that would feel the same way I do about.. 🙂

  3. I want one of the earthworm gods shirts but it won’t let me order one. Every time I click on the picture it says data base error

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