RETREAT, the last full-length novel written by J.F. Gonzalez, is on sale now for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. A paperback edition will follow in two weeks.

Rick Nicholson loves his new job at Bent Creek Country Club and Resorts. The exclusive five-star hotel, located on forty square miles of rolling forests and picturesque prairies, is a perfect getaway for the affluent, and a monument to prestige. Bent Creek offers it all — at a price.

But Rick soon learns that the price may be steeper than he ever imagined. Because after dark, unthinkable things happen on the grounds at Bent Creek. Unspeakable atrocities that hint of something more powerful than wealth or the elite. Something evil. And when he finally uncovers the real secrets of Bent Creek, there may be no time to stop them. No time to scream.

No time to…RETREAT.

RETREAT was the last full length novel J.F. completed before his death (he had also completed a novella-length prequel to his novel SURVIVOR, and — in collaboration with myself — LIBRA NIGRUM SCIENTIA SECRETA).

He had partially completed a second novella-length prequel to SURVIVOR (which has since been completed by Wrath James White, and which will be on sale later this year, along with the other prequel), and had partially completed a sequel to RETREAT, which I will be finishing later this year, based on an extensive outline he left behind. There are also a number of partially finished short stories that will be completed by his friends and peers, and a few other older unfinished novels that may see publication once completed.

But RETREAT is the last full-length novel he completed on his own. It is our honor to present it to you, his fans. We hope you enjoy it!


  1. Nice! We miss you J.F.! Gonna grab that up and devour it! Recently you (B-man) helped me track down a copy of Libra Nigrum Scientia Secreta. I never have gone through eBay before, so this was a first for me. I found a copy, brand new and never opened. (I’m hoping it will be here in the next day or so) & I’m very excited to read it. You also suggested to look on Camelot books. Now they didn’t have that specific book there, however, the had around 20 or so first editions and special editions. These books are awesome! Quite expensive for a fella like myself & can’t get them all (I would love to but my wife will have a cow) I do plan on scooping up the Earth Worm Gods books though. I already own them all. Buy these editions are too awesome to pass up! (These are my favorites by you) so they are a must have! One question though: The Girl on the Glider….. does that have a hard cover edition? Or a special release? This has to be my all time favorite novelas (did I spell that right?) Anyway thanks again for the help tracking down Libra Nigrum Scientia Secreta, can’t wait to dive into it! Good day sir!

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