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Nickolaus Pacione is a misogynistic, racist, homophobic forty-year old mentally ill man from Morris, Illinois who has a long, documented history of abuse, harassment, and stalking of public figures — particularly authors, musicians, and clergy — including myself, Clive Barker, Mary SanGiovanni, Cherie Priest, Ramsey Campbell, Billy Martin (Poppy Z. Brite), Kealan Patrick Burke, Sarah Jezebel Diva, Joe Ripple, the members of Thirty Silver, Karen Koehler, Ray Garton, RL Baupader, Kent Hovind, and dozens and dozens and dozens more. He has threatened violence, attempted doxxing, and even made threats against the school of an author’s child. Despite numerous complaints and police reports from precincts around the country, he remains free due to the incompetence — or possible malfeasance — of his local authorities. Most people know this. So why am I talking about it again? Because there are still those who don’t, and there are still people who fall victim to him.

Yesterday, author Aimee Marie Bejarano asked me to quote: “let others know I have nothing to do w Nickolaus Pacione” after receiving a one-star review on Amazon’s page for her book, THE GATEWAY, for her perceived connection to Pacione.

Over the past year, Pacione has been advertising his services via Linked In and Facebook as a book designer. Unaware of his history, Aimee hired him to design THE GATEWAY. Those familiar with Pacione can easily guess what happened next. He uploaded the book to Amazon, listed himself as a co-author, and filled Aimee’s bio and the book description with his inimitable screed of attacks on others. Aimee quickly disengaged from Pacione, removed the book from sale, removed Pacione’s contributions, and then put it back up for sale. Pacione predictably responded to this perceived slight with rancor on Twitter and elsewhere. Despite this, Pacione’s association with the book remains in the minds of some members of the public.

We talked recently about the abuse of Amazon’s customer review system, and this is another example of the argument to overhaul it. But it’s also an example of why we continue to occasionally warn the public about Nickolaus Pacione. If he contacts you, be it with an offer to design your next book or the details of his conspiracy theory about how myself and other public figures are engaged in a conspiracy to replace him with an army of actors equipped with his Social Security Number, it’s best to simply report him and then block him. And if you are an author, always, always, ALWAYS take five minutes to Google somebody before working with them, no matter what their claimed credentials.


  1. “And if you are an author, always, always, ALWAYS take five minutes to Google somebody before working with them, no matter what their claimed credentials”

    Can’t agree with that enough. Know who you are working for/with!

  2. Hey B-man, so at first I thought to my self why keep mentioning this douches name? Names have power right. But I realize it’s a warning system for others to hopefully avoid king dick weed. I’ve heard at least 5 or so instances where shit brain has totally screwed others over. What can we do? I guess not too much but throw out warnings and hope others see the signs before it’s too late. It’s amazing to me that someone uses their life to cause others misery. It don’t make sense at all to me. But then again, there are fucked up people in the world who have nothing better to do. I agree that you should always Google a name to find out some background on someone. I can also see that for the most part, people try to be trusting. Lesson learned! Hopefully Queen Bitch will eventually do something that will get himself locked up. We can only hope…..

  3. I just did a little googling on Nick and read some of his tweets and blogs. Dude obviously needs some heavy anti-psychotic medication. Sounds like he has gone more than a little crazy down in his mother’s basement. Just saying.

    1. Ha ha ha! Page funny stuff! I’ve heard quite enough from Brian to know about the same stuff… 🙂

  4. That this man is allowed to do this to people is unbelievable. However we have had people fight for our right to be able to say what we want without fear. I am ashamed though that people think they can say such ugly things about other people and allowed to stalk them is not, what out fellow men and women fought for.

  5. Nicky also gave a 1-Star review for the movie Ghost Shark. Here’s what he wrote:

    “This is idea with a phantom shark, the director really should had Googled the idea first because in 2004 I had written a novella called Leviathans’s Ghost as the bonus story in Tabloid Purposes One. I think the director should had got a hold of me first when ding this kind of horror story because my story is much darker and more sinister….”

    The full review is here:

  6. Pacione blocked me from his Twitter. I haven’t even posted my first tweet yet! So I can’t possibly have said anything that offended him. I can only assume that he blocked me because I’m also following you, as well as people like Bernie Sanders and institutions like Planned Parenthood.

    Obviously nothing he does is rational, but still…I find it outrageous that he blocked me, when I haven’t tweeted anything negative about him. I haven’t tweeted ANYTHING about ANYONE yet, so for all he knows, I’m his biggest fan! You’d think even someone as mentally challenged as he is wouldn’t want to block someone who might be a fan.

    (In case you were wondering why I chose to follow this dipshit in the first place…his antics are entertaining. So when I — finally — signed up for Twitter, I thought hey, why not?)

  7. Baupader pulled what David Boyer did on me you dick. I never plagiarized anyone but you enabled my work to be stolen. Baupader is a serial plagiarist just like Boyer was and that happened the same time as Boyer You got the truth kicked off a website when I was telling the truth about Boyer and Baupader, Baupader stole my first novel Game Over then The Pattern of Diagnosis. So Fuck You you stole from me too and I can replace what you stole from the museum.

    1. Nicky said: “Baupader stole my first novel Game Over then The Pattern of Diagnosis.”

      Nonsense. Mr. Baupader wrote both of those novels. You then stole them. And you don’t have any books in any museum. Just another of your many lies.

    2. Nicky, we talked about this already, a roll of toilet paper is Not your own intellectual property. I know, I know, they smell the same after use but that doesn’t make them them one of your novel.

  8. Let that butt wipe have it B-man! I keep hearing about this butt munch…then forget about him until he pops up again…. he needs to take a long walk off a short pier

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