The Outhousers* has a new article today about THE NAUGHTY LIST Kickstarter campaign, and my perceived willingness to do just about anything to see it succeed. If you’ve never visited their site, they are – in my opinion – the single best comics journalism site, offering equal helpings of insightful unbiased news and commentary with a hilarious and much-needed acidic, intelligent snark. This article is a fine example, as it lovingly — but firmly — skewers my ego (which we all know has its own zip code).

I also like Bleeding Cool**. When Rich Johnston is on, he’s ON — and I don’t think he gets nearly enough credit for the stories he’s broken over the years. I could do without some of the filler/clickbait over there (and I’ve yet to read anything with Christina Marie’s byline that isn’t simply a rehash of various writer’s Twitter feeds), but I’m willing to forgive those because, as I said, when Rich is doing what he does best, there’s nobody better.

Jill Pantozzi***, who used to edit The Mary Sue, has been writing some pretty great in-depth, long form essays via her Blog, The Nerdy Bird. Definitely worth checking out (start with the recent one about Gillian Anderson’s salary battle). And Comics and Cola is also well worth a read.

I like those four. The rest of the comics journalism sphere is, for the most part, a vast wasteland of corporate teat-suckers, pop-up ads, political bias, and gibbering slack-jawed idiots. I’m sure there are a few good ones I might not know about, though. And I’m not including podcasts, because frankly, there are a bazillion comic book podcasts and I don’t have time to wade through those, looking for the gems.


*I used to write for The Outhousers under a pseudonym. I am not, however, Jude Terror (as one person on the forum suggested), nor have I written for them in well over a year (maybe two). My last article for them (which the editor chose not to publish) was a tongue-in-cheek look at how a comic publisher’s then-Director of Trade Book Sales spent their time at work sending anti-gun tweets to Target.

**Bleeding Cool has featured several interviews with me over the years.

***I totally have a crush on Jill Pantozzi. I think, given time and enough resources/capital, she could be one of the biggest — and best — voices in independent comics journalism. The way to make that happen is to donate to her Patreon.

****I also totally have a crush on The Outhousers‘ Jude Terror. But he only has eyes for Cullen Bunn, so it’s an unrequited thing…


  1. Ha, ha, ha! Good stuff! I read the Outhousers a bit ago and yes it was very enjoyable! Very funny. I’ll have to check out the other 3 forsure. I can count on you to sift through the crappy stuff and let us all know where the best stuff lies!

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