The above is a work in progress by Steve Wands, for our forthcoming original graphic novel THE FALLEN, which will be published by Cemetery Dance later this year. Follow Steve on Twitter and you’ll see more artwork from this project.

* * *

THE NAUGHTY LIST Kickstarter is just a hair shy of $13,000. I’d love to see it go over that tonight, while I sleep. Click here to contribute.

* * *

That’s all. Working fast to get this next chapter of THE SEVEN finished and posted before midnight.


  1. Hey B-man, thanks again for helping me find that must have book! I’m waiting till the 7 comes out on Kindle….any idea when that may be sir? See ya tommarow!

          1. Okay, you’ve forced me to read it online. But don’t get me wrong I’ll have to buy the book as well when it comes out sir….are you really gonna let those dudes who are staying at your house for a weekend use your toothbrush?

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