THE NAUGHTY LIST Nears $13,000

The Kickstarter campaign for THE NAUGHTY LIST — a short film by Paul Campion based on one of my short stories — continues to be successful. As Paul wrote, “In just the first 3 days of this campaign we’ve passed our original target of £6,500 (US$9,200). This is fantastic news and we’re humbled by the response and how quickly our backers have got behind this project and we can’t thank you enough.

This is just the beginning of the journey to make this film. Our original target of £6,500 was the minimum we needed to raise to get the film made, and what we would like to do now is to raise more money so we can make the best film possible for you, our audience.

Every extra pound and dollar we can raise will help put more money ‘up on screen’, whether it’s an extra day in the studio in pre-production so we can spend more time building our set or pay for some more props to help dress it, or a little more money to go towards the costume design or on the crane our Director of Photography Jono Smith would like for a stunning overhead shot.

And we can always use more time in post-production, a bit more time spent editing, composing the music, mixing the sound and working on the visual effects shots.

The more money we can raise over our goal, the better film we can make for you the audience.”

Let’s see if we can go over $13,000 today. CLICK HERE TO PLEDGE.

4 thoughts on “THE NAUGHTY LIST Nears $13,000

  1. Brian, just pledged for your bad ass movie, however, this is not why I write you now. (But maybe it will help with my predicament) 🙂 I neeeeeeeed a copy of Libra Nigrum Scientia Secreta!!! When it first came out I was so broke, lost my job and moving back into my mom’s with my wife and 2 kids. Being 35, and my mom doesn’t care for me too much, it was a totally screwed position I was in. I saw your posting for the book and had to have it, but I was cashless. Now I’m doing good and everything even a place for my family and I should come together in the next few weeks. I looked the book back up and only the special lettered edition remains. Don’t get me wrong, I would get it in a heart beat but dropping $275 would probably get me killed by the wife…soooo to make a long story short, I’m contacting you directly to see if you might have and suggestions (or a copy you can sell me?) Contacts to someone who would sell me theirs, ANYTHING!!?! I have to own this book! I own almost every book you’ve put out and need to possess this one as well! I’m a huge fan.. and… and…..well….. Okay I’ll stop now, I’m sure I already look like a fool. Anyway please let me know… Libra Nigrum Scientia Secreta!

      1. Hey Brian, Good morning & good news! E-bay had one copy left & and the order is placed! So thank you for the help & look forward to owning this insane book by you and J.F. talk to ya soon my friend!

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