Birthdays and Badlands

Today is Mary SanGiovanni’s birthday.

You should celebrate by purchasing one of her books in paperback or on Kindle.

If you’ve never tried her work, you can’t go wrong with THRALL — a stand-alone monster novel that evokes John Carpenter, HP Lovecraft, and Silent Hill.


The focus of yesterday and today is finishing the last chapter of Part Two of THE SEVEN: THE LABYRINTH Book 1 — the online serialized novel that unites characters from all of my novels in one final climax. For those who read it monthly, this means that Frankie, Teddy, Tony, The Exit, Bloom, LeHorn, and Lucifer are about to finish dinner with Amun, who will then say a few last words. After that, the group will be traveling to the badlands of Iraq and Syria for their first confrontation with the Thirteen. If you haven’t been reading it, you can do so right here on my Patreon page. All of the previous chapters are available at that link, as well.


Speaking of Patreon, the Project iRadio Network — who host my podcast, THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE — now have their own Patreon page, as well. This will help offset operational costs such as servers, etc. While all of the shows get advertising revenue, much of that money goes to the hosts and their individual staffs. The funds raised by Patreon will go to the network overall, making a better listening experience for you. Check it out here.


Speaking of Project iRadio and my podcast, voting is open for the first annual People’s Choice Project iRadio Awards. If you enjoy THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE, let them know here.


2 thoughts on “Birthdays and Badlands

  1. Well, you really know how to hook me B-man. I love H.P., Carpenter, & Silent Hill! I was very disappointed when Silent Hills got cancelled. So Happy Birthday Mary! I’m gonna grab a copy of Thrall forsure! As for the seven… I’m waiting for the Kindle edition to scoop that one up! I’ll tell ya, I missed Teddy and was never quite sure if he made it at the end of Earthworm God’s (or how I know it: conqueror worms) my favorite series from you. It’s really hard to hold off, considering I devour everything you write! How long until this wonderful book sees a Kindle realese? Hopefully not too long! Stay warm mah friend! & talk to you soon!

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