The Parable of Fred and Lucas

Fred likes Team A. Team A professes to represent all of the things that Fred believes in.

Lucas likes Team B. Team B professes to represent all of the things that Lucas believe in.

From now until November, Fred and Lucas will show their team spirit, trumpeting their support of Team A and Team B on social media, at work, at dinner, and everywhere else they go. They’ll watch their teams compete on television. They might put signs in their front yard, sharing their enthusiasm with their neighbors. They may even wear shirts or hats emblazoned with the names of their favorite team players. They will root for their team, and ultimately support their team with money and the act of voting.

In November, Fred will vote for Team A and Lucas will vote for Team B. But who they’ll really be voting for is Team C. Team C isn’t on the ballot. Team C doesn’t need to be on the ballot. And no matter what the ideological differences between Team A and Team B are, it is the policies of Team C that ultimately get put into practice. If Team C decides that Fred and Lucas should be punched in the nuts, then Team A and Team B will punch Fred and Lucas in the nuts.

And four years from now, Fred and Lucas will vote for them to do it all over again.

5 thoughts on “The Parable of Fred and Lucas

  1. While it was wise to construct a government with checks and balances, we are now stuck in political gridlock. Not because of the way our government was constructed, but because politicians are more interested in furthering their careers in each respective party and not truly working together for the betterment of the USA.

  2. I would like to kick fred & lucas both in the nutts. I have never been one to vote & probably never will. I feel there is no point in doing so. My vote would go to team c anyway right? So it doesn’t matter who I choose. I would rather vote for Ob. At least Ob wouldn’t make up a bunch of crap. Ob, I think would tell the truth, because he could care less what we think about him. Ob wouldn’t promise things he couldn’t do, he would tell you exactly what’s going to happen & how he would do it with much detail and not sugar coat it. I say we vote Ob. I for a while thought I should maybe vote….and then the whole Bush, Florida crap went down & I gave up on the voting process. Don’t get me wrong, I have kids & want more than anything to know their future is safe. I feel though that I must take matters into my own hands to make sure their okay in the years that follow. Ob may not provide a bright future for mankind but at least he isn’t going to bullshit us about it. He will tell you your intestines will make a nice necklace and you know what? I believe him. šŸ™‚

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