Much to the chagrin of those who say I’m all washed up, THE NAUGHTY LIST Kickstarter is fully funded in its first three days. So, that means we were successful and can stop taking pledges now, right?

Wrong. The first thing you need to remember is that not every pledge will go though. Statistics indicate we should expect 5% of backers credit card transactions to fail when processed, due to insufficient funds, etc. (Something I see happen every month on Patreon, as well). Therefore, we need a cushion. We need extra pledges to make up for the ones that will fail.

The second thing you need to realize is that we asked for the minimum amount it would cost to make this movie. Anything above and beyond that amount will allow us to make an even better movie — to do things we didn’t originally think we’d have in the budget, as far as special effects and casting are concerned.

As director Paul Campion wrote: “In just the first 3 days of this campaign we’ve passed our original target of £6,500 (US$9,200). This is fantastic news and we’re humbled by the response and how quickly our backers have got behind this project and we can’t thank you enough.

This is just the beginning of the journey to make this film. Our original target of £6,500 was the minimum we needed to raise to get the film made, and what we would like to do now is to raise more money so we can make the best film possible for you, our audience.

Every extra pound and dollar we can raise will help put more money ‘up on screen’, whether it’s an extra day in the studio in pre-production so we can spend more time building our set or pay for some more props to help dress it, or a little more money to go towards the costume design or on the crane our Director of Photography Jono Smith would like for a stunning overhead shot.

And we can always use more time in post-production, a bit more time spent editing, composing the music, mixing the sound and working on the visual effects shots.

The more money we can raise over our goal, the better film we can make for you the audience.

So yes, PLEASE keep those pledges coming! Even if you just pledge one dollar, it helps and we appreciate it. There’s also copies of the movie, t-shirts, visits to the set, tickets to the premiere and much more. You can even hang out with me for a weekend (and congratulations to Jonathan Echevarria and his girlfriend, who were our first backer for that option, and will be spending a weekend with me and hanging out in my home and going on a tour with me of some of the Central Pennsylvania locations featured in my books).


FANGORIA released their Best Books of 2015 list, and I was honored and delighted to see that WHERE WE LIVE AND DIE made the list. But I was even more delighted to see so many newer authors — young guns like Kevin Lucia, Adam Cesare, Andy Deane, and Mark Allan Gunnells make the list. Horror fiction is undergoing another transformation and resurgence, and the reason or that is the new blood. It’s nice to see that new blood being recognized.

WHERE WE LIVE AND DIE is available on Kindle and in paperback. Thanks to Fangoria and Shawn Macomber for the honor.


Next week’s podcast was supposed to feature Jacob Haddon of LAMPLIGHT MAGAZINE. However, with a blizzard about to descend upon us in the nest 36 hours, it is doubtful that Jacob or Meteornotes will be able to make it here to the studio.

Therefore, I’m recording a back-up solo episode for next week. I’ll be talking about the origins of my books again. Previous episodes where I’ve done this have included THE RISING series, the Levi Stoltzfus series, the EARTHWORM GODS series, CASTAWAYS, URBAN GOTHIC, ENTOMBED, and DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN (all those shows are archived here). If there’s a particular book you’d like me to talk about, let me know via the show’s Facebook page.


  1. Hey B-doggy, trying to get a couple bucks together and throw you a pledge here soon. As for a pod cast, I would love to here more about the girl on the glider. That story blew me away when I read it a while back and would love to get some more background about!

  2. Glad to hear that you made Fango’s list. I cruised over there and did the chainsaw awards too. I wrote you in for the Hall of Fame because you are a hero (or is that anti hero?) to younger writers and have influenced a new generation of horror fans. Plus, you’re making movies now and have definitely paid your dues. I wish I liked Social media and kept up with it so I could promote you. If there was a drop down box and people saw “Brian Keene” – I’d bet money that you would win.

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