The Power of Keene Compels You

We recorded a new episode of my podcast, The Horror Show with Brian Keene, yesterday. It was a news heavy broadcast, with reports on the deaths of A.R. Morlan, Angus Scrimm, and David Bowie, a look at the troubles at Spectral Press, Frank Darabont’s lawsuit against AMC, Christopher Golden’s nightmarish holiday cruise, and a bunch more. We also talked about William Hope Hodgson.

Reporting the news means doing actual fucking research — something many mainstream journalists don’t do these days, let alone genre journalists. A fine example of genre journalists who are actually doing it right is Jude Terror and Gavin Dillinger over at The Outhousers. This article is a recent example, and one of the finest pieces of comics journalism I’ve seen in some time.

Prepping for yesterday’s recording took two days of research — Saturday and Sunday, plus more fact checking on Monday morning before Dave, Coop and I went into the studio. It was worth it. The episode airs this Thursday night at 7pm.

But that’s also why you didn’t get a Blog entry yesterday.


At least once a week, somebody asks me to endorse something. I don’t respond to 90% of these requests, not because I’m an asshole (well yeah, I’m an asshole, but not when it comes to this). I don’t respond simply because I don’t have time. Plus, I’m always bemused at such requests, because I don’t think my endorsement on something has the same weight as, say, Stephen King’s legendary American Express commercial.

Which is why I’m always surprised when I receive anecdotes like the two I got this morning:

I talked about Brian Kirk’s first novel on here a week or so ago. He writes, “The day you shared the article that included We Are Monsters the book went from 479,000 on the Amazon sales chart to 66,000. That’s the biggest swing I’ve seen since it’s release.”

I’ve said that Jonathan Janz is an author to watch — a “next big thing” on the level of Joe Hill, Jonathan Maberry, Sarah Pinborough, or myself. He texted e this morning to let me know that a reporter who was working on a story about this summer’s release of Joe Hill’s THE FIREMAN and my own PRESSURE wanted to do a side article about him. Why? “Because Brian Keene says you’re one to watch and I trust his instincts.”

So, I dunno. Maybe I do carry a little weight. Which is why I’m available if Knob Creek, Basil Hayden’s, or Bookers would like me to endorse their brands of bourbon…


Long-time reader James Travis accidentally bought two Maelstrom sets (featuring THE COMPLEX, THE CRUELTY OF AUTUMN, and THE DAUGHTERS OF INANNA). If you’re interested in taking one off his hands, email him at


I’ve got my seven year-old 24/7 this week, and he’s also off school over the next four days (combination of the holiday and teacher in-service days). So probably won’t get much writing done, which means I’ll be cranky by Friday. But that also means he and I get to go see Star Wars again and play with Legos and play Minecraft and watch Exploding TNT and The Diamond Minecart, so missing four days of work ain’t so bad.

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful week with your son. I have shared custody of my kids as well and I know how precious(and fun) a week off of school can be(and stressful sometimes). Enjoy!

  2. Have to say that if I see a quote from you on the book cover or in the review/summary area on Amazon or if you put something on your blog, I’m much more inclined to buy it. I know that you would never attach your name to something you didn’t like or didn’t believe in. But I also realize that just because you like something, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll like it. We all have our own tastes. But if your name is attached in some way I would give a purchase greater consideration.

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