Jonathan Janz AMA and An Offer Female Writers Can’t Refuse

Over on my forum, we’ve been hosting a series of AMA (Ask Me Anything) discussions with various authors. Tonight’s featured AMA guest is Jonathan Janz, unarguably one of the most popular writers of this new generator of horror authors. It takes place from 8pm to 10pm (Eastern Time). Click here to participate.


Speaking of the forum, always-reliable moderator Val offers this gem, found on Craigslist.


Because yeah, nothing could possibly go wrong with that, right? Ride along with a complete stranger in their tractor trailer and write? That’s not the set up for a horror novel at all.

6 thoughts on “Jonathan Janz AMA and An Offer Female Writers Can’t Refuse

  1. Man, I’ve been gone all day coaching my son’s basketball games, and I come home to this beauty. Thanks for the kind words, Brian! I can’t wait for the AMA.

    And the Craigslist ad? Pure genius. I love how he used “vibe” as a verb. That alone should lure hundreds of applicants.

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